Monday, June 20, 2011


OK, it's been a month and I'm sooo sorry.

Last you heard from me, I was going to be home alone all weekend with Sofia and we got through it just fine.  I wondered if anyone thought it had completely destroyed us and therefore I stopped blogging...

Anyway, it's been a while and baby girl is getting so big!!!

Here's a photo from this morning.

As usual, it's sorry.

In Sofia news, she is:

- Cruising like crazy...attempting to take steps all the time with great confidence, but ending up on the ground giggling.  She'll walk any day though.
-  Eating all sorts of new foods, but I have to admit that I'm still sticking with traditional baby food as her main source of food.  I know she can be eating other things, but I'm usually just letting her try things (pasta, veggies, bread) and then giving her baby food and cheerios. 
- She's sleeping on her own for 12 hours each night!!!!  BIG FAT LIE.  She's still sleeping on Russ every night.  I'm done with work for the summer soon, so I'll be working on getting her to sleep on her own.  I swear, we will work on it! 
- She is still toothless.  Where are her teeth?
- She is the sweetest, most beautiful child alive.  That's a fact. =)