Monday, September 12, 2011

She's 1, she's walking, she's leaving for college

OK, maybe not quite yet, but it sure feels like it.

I've been gone for a looooooooong time and I'm so sorry.  Mostly I'm sorry to myself because I really wanted to use this blog to document Sofia's life and milestones and so far I have sucked at that.

This will be short because I'm needing to actually do some work, but just a few updates:

*  Sofia turned one on August 17.  We had a wonderful party up in Buffalo and it was perfect.  Lesson learned is that making a big huge deal out of the "perfect decorations" and stupid details is expensive and stressful and really doesn't pay off in the end.  Next year, it will be all about Sofia and not about impressing party goers.

*  Sofia is walking!  She can go about 10 steps on her own and is getting better and better every single day.

*  Sofia is almost exclusively straw-cup with the exception of one bottle before bed.  This explains why she had a bit of a fit this weekend when we were at a baby play group and all of the babies had their bottles and she carried on because she had her straw cup and did not appreciate it one bit!  For a baby who never cries, she sure proved me wrong on Saturday!

*  She is HUGE!  She weighs 25 pounds (95%) and is around 33 inches I's the 97%ile, I just can't remember right now.  She sure is consistent.  She is growing out of 18 mos clothes but her 24 mos stuff is still a bit big.

*  She does not have any real words.  Mama comes out but I'm not convinced she's talking to me.  Though she does say it when she's upset so maybe.... 

*  I love her!!  Oh, that's not news?

I'll post some pics soon!!!!

Lastly, I still can't comment on blogs with my acct so forgive me if I seem absent from your blogs.  I'll work on it and post anonymous if I can't resist!!