Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi! (sheepish grin...)

So I swear that I wasn't able to log onto my blog the last 10 times I tried.  I thought that Blogger had done something, changed some settings? I don't know...but I swear it didn't work.  So I tried again today.

And it worked.

No problem.

OK, so here I am.

Want to see my little sweet pea?  Here she is!  This is going to be our Christmas card.  She is HUGE and smart, and charming, and perfect.  Here's a quick rundown of her stats:

- Eating everything under the sun...still enjoying veggies.  We are blessed with her eating habits.

-  Sleeping:  Right smack dab next to one of us as always. =)  Wouldn't have it any other way.  We completely got rid of her crib last spring and bought a full size mattress where one of us parents sleep each night, whomever isn't with baby girl in our bed.  She goes to sleep at about 8 each night and sleeps til 7 or so. 

-  Potty Training:  On hold.  We were going strong in early fall, but then got tripped up so Doris felt it was best to wait a little while.  I'm fien with it.  Sofia still likes to sit on her little potty, but nothing comes out anymore.  We aren't pushing it, especially now since we're going away for Christmas and diapers work way better on the road.  I swear, though, that her size 6 diapers aren't going to fit much longer and that's as big a they come, so we need to figure it out soon.

-  I think Sofia is about 40 inches tall and weighs about 35 pounds.  She is wearing size 4/5 (NOT 4T, regular 4!!) tops and 4 bottoms except in jeans where she's still a 3T.  Sizes are weirdly inconsistent.  She is in shoe size 9.5/10.

-  Girlfriend still can't jump.  WTH?  She tries and tries and tries.  Sometimes she gets air, but usually not so much...

-  Talking up a storm....knows her letters and even some sight words.  College applications are going out shortly.

Momma stats:

-  Still working as a middle school counselor
-  Still trying to balance life
-  Trying to figure out what this blog should be all about these days...

My goal is to update more.  Like I just said, I'm not sure what my blog goals are, but I figure if I start writing, maybe that will make itself known.

My next job is catching up with all of YOU!  I can't wait to get reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!