Saturday, August 7, 2010



The word that sums up my week?  OUCH.

Everything hurts.  Well, not everything.  And nothing really baby related (as in nothing that indicates anything could be wrong with her or my parts as they relate to her in that area).  However, I feel as if I've been literally hit by a truck.

My BONES hurt. 

I can't sit on my fat ass.  What's a girl to do?  Literally right now, I am sitting on a pillow and I know that when i get up, I will be so sore that it will take all day for me to get over it.  The pain is very similar to how you feel when you ride a bike for the first time in a long time and also a lot like doing 1,000 lunges.  And yet, I do not believe it is muscular primarily.  I believe it is my joints.  A butt joint?  I don't know...that one's a mystery but I'm thinking maybe the joint where my legs join my butt.  At this point in pregnancy, the cartilage becomes very soft so that the pelvis can open wide and let her out.  The dr says that while this is unusual, it makes sense that I might have some arthritis-like pain.  But in my butt?  I also have it bad in my hands (each morning I have to physically bend each finger with my other hand in order to move them) and my knees (hurt so bad to bend them first thing in the morning that I could scream), but what's up with my ass?  Driving?  Hurts bad and I think when I drove 2 hours the other day I caused what I'm now recovering from now, cause it's bad.  Sorry to be such a complainer, but this just sucks.

In other news, baby girl is great.  My NST and scan shows that she's healthy and strong.  Her fluid level was better this week (last week it was so high they felt my sugar was up and HER kidneys were working overtime to compensate causing excess fluid.  GUILT).  I am 1/2 cm dilated!!  Dr said I could definitely hang on until Aug 23 (c-section is scheduled, 8am!) or I could go into labor tomorrow.  So anything is possible.

The nursery is just about 100% done!!  I want to add the finishing touches before I share pics (I'm always promising pics and never follow through, sorry.  I only know how to upload photos from my phone and even then it's only through email and I copy and paste them, I need to learn - I know!).  It turned out to be way more low-key than I thought it would be.  We don't want it to be too busy.  Once she's here, there's bound to be some clutter so the cleaner we start out, the better it will look once day to day life begins.

I can't believe that she will definitely be here in just over 2 weeks!!  WE ARE READY.  Bring it on!


  1. I've had the bone pain too. Mine is worse in my pelvis and thighs. In fact, I barely slept last night because it felt like I was putting 400 pounds of weight on whichever thigh I was lying on. So I would turn over, and it would start again... And when I roll over, my pelvis really feels like it's breaking apart. I'm with ya on the OUCH! It will all be over soon and we'll have adorable babies to show for it!!!

  2. I'm sorry that you're hurting so much!! That relly does suck, but Amber's right...not much longer and then you will have Sophia to show for it!!! :)

    A scheduled C-section? Why? When did this come about? Is this due to GD? If you go into labor before hand will you still have to be sectioned? Do tell the details!!!!

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  4. Oh no- that sounds like it really hurts!!! But hopefully it will be over sooner than you think. I just can't believe Sofia is almost here! ;)

    As for the pics--- I actually like using my phone to blog with b/c it's much easier that way. In blogger, go under "settings", then select "email and mobile". There you will see a box with an email address. Once you take a photo on your phone, email it to that address. In the subject line of the email, you enter the title you want for the post. In the body of the message is where you enter what the post will actually say. Then you attach the photo and it includes it. I've posted a lot like that lately and it's much easier than getting out the digital camera! ;)

  5. Sorry you are hurting so bad! It must be nice to know that even with all of the pain, there is a definite end in sight!! Can't believe that there is only 2 weeks left!!!!

  6. Sorry you are in so much pain! I hope baby girl stays put for the next two weeks. Can't wait to see nursery pictures.

  7. Are you sure Russ isn't "poking" you while your sleeping honey?! tee hee! Those growing pains sound awful, you poor thing!!! Not much longer before Sifia arrives, hopefully the pain subsides a bit. xoxoxoxoxox