Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hi's me.  Just checking in.

It's been so very crazy at work and I haven't had a moment to read most posts, let alone write one.

So here's what I've been thinking about lately:  Baby #2.  Or, rather, NOT Baby #2. 

It seems like SO MANY people are pregnant again!  And if they aren't already pregnant with #2, they're trying.  I definitely feel in the minority here.  But the question here really is whether or not I don't want another one or if the fact that it's highly (HIGHLY) unlikely that I'll get another one, am I telling myself I don't want one?  I think I really don't want another one.  I know that might change over time, but life is just too perfect and easy right now.  What if #2 is fussy and cranky and awful?  What if #2 has special needs that are so involved that it takes away from Sofia?  What if #2 makes me lose my mind?  What if #2 makes us have to file for bankruptcy because we will be SO BROKE!?  What if, what if, what if....

So don't have one.  Done.

But here's the problem:  It's those frozen embryos.  What do we do with them?  I can't throw them out.  I feel like I need to try.  But it's crazy to try if we don't really want another one, right?  That's why we're giving it time to see how we feel next year.  I just don't know what we'll do.  There's only 2 and they are staying frozen until we figure this out.

In Sofia news, life is great.  She is perfect and wonderful and I love her more every single day.  She is such a big girl and I can't believe how we are actually having conversations now.  Even though she doesn't have a ton of words, she nods and gets excited and we talk all day long!  She knows exactly what we're saying and responds appropriately or follows directions.  She's a genius.  =)  Just kidding...not really.


  1. I fall into the category of wanting baby #2! I've been swirling a post idea in my head about it for months, but just haven't had time to really sit down and write the post.

    My little guy just turned one last month! We just have to figure out if we can afford IVF again, at this time. We're getting ready to put the house on the market so things are a little stressful.

    Sounds like you are enjoying every single minute with Sofia!

  2. Oh, I fought with this dilemma for a good deal of time before becoming pregnant with #2. And if I hadn't gotten pregnant without medical intervention, I never would have again. This is a tough decision, but now that I am pregnant, I'm super excited and feel that it is right for us. But I also know where you are coming from!

  3. I have a 15 month old boy (after 3 years ttc) and we are done!! :D I have also had the "should I? Shouldn't I?" conversation in my own head millions of times! But I have come to the conclusion that my baby makes me happy. And I really don't think I have the energy for two children. I want to be able to travel and have date nights and give Cash a big life of fun and attention. I've decided that I will treat this decision the same way that I've treated my decision to quit college after year 1... No regrets. : ) I'm interested in learning what you decided!!

  4. We tried again with our 2 leftover embryos because I couldn't bear to not give them a chance, especially knowing the beautiful children that came from my other 3. What if one of those frozens was one of my children now? I would never have met him/her. Anyway I just couldn't handle that.

    Not sure if you have siblings, but my siblings are my dearest, closest friends. I know some siblings don't get along, but if you think Sofia might want a sibling it might be good to TTC.

    That being said, I can definitely also see the other side of the coin because TTC is so, so hard when you're infertile. It's not like "just have fun" and get pregnant, it is very emotionally and physically involved.

    Wishing you luck with whatever you decide!!

  5. That's such a tough call, and its a double edged sword because going into it- you want frozen embies (in case it doesnt work) but then coming out of it, you certainly dont want extras if it does and you only want one! LOL We had to fill out on the paperwork what we would do with our extras if we had them, and something happened to one of us (which si not the same situation, but made us think) I asked him to release them to me and I would ultimately decide. But I couldnt bare the thought of donating them and having a kid out there, and I certainly was leary of donating them to science. Uhhhg. Ultimately you have to follow your heart....and pray on it. Prayer is the best thing to do. Glad life as 3 is absolutely perfect! :)