Friday, February 18, 2011

Six Months!

How is it possible that Sofia turned 6 months old yesterday?  The time has flown by and yet I can't seem to remember when she wasn't here.  She is HUGE!!!  We go for her 6 month appt next week and I can't wait to find out how much she weighs.  My guess is she's at least 20 lb., maybe more.  Girlfriend is tall too and solidly wearing 9 month clothes.  She is sitting up very well on her own, standing for brief periods of time when holding on to something for balance, and getting ready to crawl at any moment.  She is loving her food!!  Regularly eating mixed-grain cereal along with fruit (mostly pears and peaches and she LOVES mango) and veggies.  I try to buy the organic stuff when I can, but sometimes the variety just isn't there (especially when Gerber is on sale).  I send the Gerber tubs to her babysitter and then at home, we those along with some of the squeeze packs from those organic companies.  They are more expensive but I love the combinations, especially the one with the spinach.  I feel good giving it to her.  She's really gotten the hang of eating.  We're working on the sippy cup.  She loves to chew it, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of sipping from it on her own.  I'm using Pampers Cruisers still but am dying to know if any off-brand ones are decent.  I've heard Target and WalMart brand are good.  I hate to take a chance though since we've been happy with Pampers.

We ordered our convertible car seats this week, so they should be here soon.  She can only be in her in fact seat until 22 pounds and that day is coming fast if it hasn't already passed!  We decided on the Britax Marathon 70.  (on sale on amazon for 25% off right now - HUGE savings!)  We ordered two, one for each car since Russ drops off and I pick up.  It's a big expense, but obviously worth it for baby girl to be safe and comfortable.  We also got a great deal on a Macleran umbrella stroller so that Russ can keep one in his car. It'll be a pain to no longer be able to get her in and out of the car so easily, but frankly I can barely lift the infant seat anymore anyways. 

We have not had professional pictures taken, but I think it's time we do.  I really want to go to Picture People but I've heard Penney's is decent too and does different shots that I might be interested in.  I don't just want a typical background posed shot.  I'm not sure what we'll do, but six month pictures sound like a must to me. 

Still haven't pierced baby girls ears.  I'm going to ask the pediatrician about it and see if they do it there and then maybe we will.  I can't stand the thought of doing it, but I think now is the best time. We'll see...

Lastly, my mom is coming next week!!  I'm so excited!  She'll be here from Thursday to Tuesday and will stay home with baby girl Fri and Mon and she's thrilled about that!  The guilt I feel about being so far away from her overwhelms me sometimes, so I'm so happy she'll get to spend time with Sofia.

Here's her happy face from this morning... We really need to upgrade our iPhone so that the pictures come out less fuzzy. 

WTF with it being sideways!! I thought I fixed it!  .....but she's awfully precious no matter how you look at her.

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  1. I have lots to comment on this one! First of all, she's brilliant for loving mangos. They are by far my favorite thing in the world (besides Paisley). And I love the squeeze containers of baby food. I found it really useful in the car when she gets hungry and I can't exactly bf while driving!!!

    We've had pictures done at both Penney's and Picture People and have been happy with both. She's so adorable, I'm sure you'll get great shots!

    Lastly, we pierced Paisley's ears 2 months ago and she did great. It was so much worse in my mind than how it actually went. And we just went to Claire's in the mall to do it which is what our pediatrician recommended. But I know it was tough on me too!!!