Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break Catch Up

I've been back to work for three days and am ready for another break!! I know, summer is coming soon and it will be here before I know it.  Still, being off was nice.  I got to spend every day with my baby girl and I have to say that leaving her yesterday for the first time in over a week was more difficult than I anticipated.  I can't imagine what it'll be like when I have her all summer and then have to go back.  At least I'm fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time with her on these breaks, a luxury that people out in the real world don't have. (I live in the school world, which is far from reality!)

So here's the run down of my week:

-  On Friday (a week and a half ago), my mom flew in.  That Saturday we had Sofia's photo shoot.  It went so well and I'm so happy that we did it!  Once we have all of the proofs, i will be sure to share them.  I'm very happy with the pictures.  Sofia made it through five outfit changes and was pleasant throughout the whole thing.  The hard part now is deciding which pictures we want to make into wall many decisions!! 
   Friday night, Russ and I went out on our first date night since Sofia has been here! It was very nice.  We went to dinner and saw The Color Purple musical that was in town at the National Theater.  It's always nice to go into the city, especially one as pretty as DC.  We live only 2 miles outside of the city, but we forget sometimes how close we are to some pretty cool things.  Russ, who usually dislikes musicals, really loved it and thanked me for broadening his horizons.  I am a huge fan of the movie and was actually a little disappointed in the musical.  It didn't move me the way the film does.  Oh well...  My mom did great at home with Sofia.  No surprise there, but I relieved to get home.

-  On Sunday, Sofia turned 8 months old!!!  Yikes, time is flying.  Like really flying.  Big time.  Have I mentioned lately that baby girl has NO TEETH?  Where are those little suckers?  More on developmental milestones a bit later...

-  On Monday, my mom, Sofia, and I drove to Buffalo (about 8 hours away).  Sofia did great in the car with mom sitting back there with her.  She was an angel and had no problems at all. I was concerned when we got to my house (well, my parents' house but it's the house I grew up in so it'll always be my house too!) and I didn't have my routine established.  It was my first time to be with Sofia overnight by myself (well, without Russ at least) and I was worried about how we would sleep and just not being in our own place with our own things is tough.  It all worked out very well.  Sofia slept on my bed with me.  I had a bed rail on one side and then I was on the other.  She slept very, very well.  We had the option of putting her in the pack n play, but since she doesn't sleep on her own at home (still sleeping on her daddy!), I thought that expecting her to do it away was asking a bit much.  She didn't sleep on me, so I counted that as a small victory.  The truth is that she would probably sleep just fine on her own if we allowed her the chance.

-  On Friday we visited the Easter bunny!!!  So much fun!  My nephews (Frankie, 5 and Danny, 3) came with us and even sat there with the bunny too.  We got a cousins shot!!! Yay!!  It couldn't have worked out better, everyone was in happy spirits and it was a great memory.  I'll have that photo coming soon - left the large one up in Buffalo so we can't scan it just yet...  We also decorated Easter eggs on was more of an activity for me and my nephews - Sofia observed.  So fun.

-  Easter was fantastic!  She loved her pretty dress and going through her basket.  It was a perfect day.

So, while we were gone, Sofia started crawling full force!  Girlfriend is all over the place! Yikes.  And on top of that, she's decided that she'll pull herself up and stand whenever possible.  This is all happening too fast!  I can't deal with the thought of her walking yet!  And now I'm concerned about her shoes.  Until now, I didn't care too much about shoe quality because she wasn't standing, but now that she is i need to go out and get her some decent shoes.  Everyone says Pedipeds, but some swear by Stride Rite - which I'm most comfortable with since it's so tried and true.  We'll see...

We're back in her routine now and she was excited to see her babysitters, Doris and Mirna as well as the other little kids that she spends the day with.  On Thursdays I teach a parenting class, so i don't get to see her but tomorrow is Friday and we'll have all weekend to soak her up.

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  1. Your spring break sounded wonderful! I am so happy you can drive home for the Holidays and see the family, and how nice to go back to the house you grew up in.

    I cannot believe baby girl is crawling and pulling herself up! It's hard to believe it's been 8 months since she was born and nearly 2 years since you conceived her! WOW!

    I know you are cherishing every sweet moment of it too, so need to tell you that!

    it was hard coming back to work after a 3 day weekend for me, I cant imagine how hard it was for you, and leaving that cutie behind :( Summer will be amazing!