Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Growing too Fast

How is it possible that I have an almost 8 month old?  Everyone says that it goes by so fast, but you don't realize what that means until you're there. We do a good job of staying present with her and appreciating the moments. The moments are just so fleeting. She'll do a new cute thing, like blowing bubbles, and after a week she's on to something else.  It's like we can literally see her grow and learn. I know that if we tried, we could get her to crawl today. She's so close. But honestly? I'm not encouraging it. Once she's mobile, she's gone!  Off to explore and learn and grow some more. She'll get there soon enough and it's not like we're preventing her from crawling, we're just not going behind her and helping her do it.

We got our foam tiles for the "play room".  We're turning half of our office into a play area for Sofia.  We have hardwood floors, so we needed to find a spot that can be a safe place for her to play independently.  We're going to gate in the area and let her be free - well, as free as you can be in a small, gated area.  The tiles are 100 times nicer than I expected.  They're thick! And soft.  We'll put it all together this weekend and I'll hopefully b able to share a pic.  If anyone needs foam tile flooring, go to  Like I said, they are nice!! 

I'm excited about a mommy group that some friends and I are starting.  At my school where I work, there are tons of babies being born! And with friends of co-workers, we're going to be able to get a pretty large group going.  I'm thankful because all the mommy groups in my area are held during the day when I'm working.  Stay at home moms defintely need to connect to other moms as to not feel isolated, but working moms needs support too!  So I'm glad we're doing this. 


  1. I cannot believe she is going to be 1 in only a few months, thats just crazy! And it must be even crazier for you, it must seem like yesterday that you just had her.

    I love your ideas on not forcing the crawling issue, you are absultely right, it's going to happen sooner or later, I would be completely ok with later too! besies, once she starts crawling, your whole world is going to change (again!). The tiles are a great idea....she is going to love crusing around on them!

  2. Time does fly! Sounds like you guys are enjoying every minute!

    I hear you about the playgroups. So glad you are starting one with working mothers. We should get together some time. I would love to meet you and baby Sophia in person. If you're ever in the Dulles Town Center or Leesburg Outlet area, let me know!

  3. It's so crazy how fast it goes by, isn't it? We love our foam tiles, too ... pretty sure they're the same as yours just sold by another distributor (step2). They make it possible to keep your hardwood and have a baby safe, fun area, too. =) We just expanded to have 2 separate areas now because we needed more room haha.