Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Alone!

Actually it's more like home with Sofia....which is very, very different than being home alone. Point is Russ is away in Kansas until Sunday. I'm on my own! My greatest fear realized =) and I'm going alright.  Probably because he just left this morning.  Ask me tomorrow.  Seriously, I know I'll be fine.  My friend Cindy is flying in tomorrow to hang out with us so that I'll have back up just in case I have a break down.  You never know...

I am a little concerned about how we'll sleep over the next 4 nights.  I'm not as good a chair sleeper as her daddy is....perhaps she'll be forced into the crib.  But then again I need to sleep for work.  We'll see.

Sofia had her 9 month appt yesterday along with her 9 month birthday.  Man! She's getting OLD.  She is 22 pounds, 12 ounces (96%tile) and 29 and 3/8 inches (97%tile).  Oh my big girl!!!  Her growth is consistent and the dr said it will start to slow down now.  She had one shot - her final hep B and then they did a blood draw.  Ick.  Sofia didn't shed one tear, although she definitely got annoyed with the nurse squeezing the blood out of her little finger.

The dr also told us that shoes don't really matter - no sense in buying a $50 pair.  She said anything that's soft-soled and not too rigid is fine.  She said the point of shoes is to protect feet from pavement and cold. Bare feet learn to walk best, so when inside it's bare feet all the way.

Baby girl is moving!!!!  She is standing up almost completely on her own!  She has to grab something for a little leverage, but that won't be for long.  Once she's up, she thinks she can let go but she quickly falls over.  Such confidence she has though!!  People keep telling me that she'll walk soon.  Yikes.  Not ready for that.  Her crawling is great, though she mostly crawls so that she can get to things to help her stand.  She slips on our hard wood floors sometimes too.

We need to start her on more foods, but I'm so afraid of choking!  I love that she's happily eating her stage 2 meats, fruits, and veggies along with her multi-grain cereal.  She loves Mum-Mum biscuits and we give her puffs but she isn't crazy about them and can't get them in her mouth - though I'm not sure she's tried.  She just throws them on the floor.  I gave her a bite of my banana yesterday and she thought it was alright.  Dr says to give her pieces of food about the size of a rice crispie - so small!  Better safe.

On a different note, does anyone remember my friend that was going through IF with me a couple summers ago?  We had our beta tests on the same day in July 2009.  We both had BFN and she did one more unsuccessful IUI before calling it quits, deciding she would live child free.  And husband free.  She made some big changes in her life and decided to leave her comfortable, but unfulfilling marriage to go out on her own and discover happiness.  Well, she sure did!!  She met the man of her dreams and is happier than almost anyone I know.  And guess what else?  She's pregnant!  Conceived naturally.  If that isn't the universe working it's magic, i don't know what is.

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