Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scattered post

First of all, my apologies to my bloggy friends who I have been neglecting these past few days (weeks?).  I usually check my blog from my iphone and for some reason, i can't scroll down to read posts that don't appear on the screen, so I end up missing a lot.  And i can't post from my phone either.  Anyway, now I think I've caught up, but I may have missed some things.

We are doing well.  Poor little Sofia is very congested today though.  She's been semi-congested all along, but last night it was obvious she was having trouble breathing out of her nose.  She was becoming frustrated and was so upset - who can blame her?  She must be so confused, wondering why she can't breath suddenly.

(it's now 3 days later since I started this post)

So Sofia is still congested - poor thing cries in her sleep when she can't breathe and we spray saline drops in her nose and stick her in the bathroom with the hot water running.  Ihave a cool mist humidifier but I'm not sure it's doing anything to help.  Should I get a vaporizer??

We have her one month check up tomorrow even though she'll be 6 weeks, so we have many questions for the dr.

(it's now 2 days later)

So last night Sofia DID NOT sleep in our arms!!!  Woo hoo!!!  She didn't sleep in her crib or bassinet either, but she did sleep in the car seat and that is a victory for us.  And she's currently napping there right now. Yay!!

Dr visit was great.  She's now 10 lb 13 oz which means she gained exactly 3 lbs in 6 weeks.  Yikes.  She's also 22 and 1/2 inches tall.  Everything looks good.

As you can see i have little time to write.  Maybe now that we're putting her down more (fingers crossed that it wasn't some fluke last night!) I'll have more time.

I'll leave you with the cutest picture ever!  This was her in her birthday suit on her one month birthday.  I love her!!!


  1. She's beautiful! She has such amazing skin color and adorable eyes. And good for you that she slept in her carseat. As a fellow mom with a baby that won't sleep in her bed or bassinett, I consider that a huge success!!! And I'm totally jealous. :)

  2. She is adorable!!!! Love that photo- what a cute smile. ;)
    L&D were congested a lot in the 1st few weeks- it's pretty common with newborns apparently. But hope she isn't too uncomfortable- poor boo boo. :( I just used the saline drops and that seemed to work. The heated vaporizers are the ones that relieve congestion, but you have to keep them clean b/c they can breed bacteria. Use distilled water if you can. But if you do the warm shower thing, that's just as good.

    Hope you're feeling good. Call me anytime! I'm happy that she liked napping in her carseat. That is a big step!! You go, girl. ;) xoxox

  3. I just adore her!! What a beauty. Sorry I dont have any advise on the must be so hard not being able to magically make it go away! Congrats on getting her to sleep int eh car seat, baby steps!