Monday, January 9, 2012

What am I, 14?

TMI ALERT!  Read with caution.

I have bled through yet again another pair of jammie pants!  What is going on with me?  Last month I went through TWO PAIR of jammie bottoms!  I now have no flannel jammie bottoms left.  What is going on in my uterus?  The problem seems to be that I'm bleeding inconsistently.  There will be barely anything and then a HUGE flow that makes me leak within 2 hours.  I haven't had these issues since I was in middle school and learning about the whole period thing.  And since I'm putting it all out there, let's call it what it is - clumpy. 


And if I'm being honest, I kinda bled through my panties here at work this morning.  It's not awful and doesn't warrant a trip home, but ewwwww!  Being a girl sucks sometimes.  And I'll be honest that early menopause isn't something that I'm afraid of.  Bring that bad boy on!


  1. Oh that sounds awful, do you think it's perimenopause symptoms? Have your cycles been regular at all since you had Sophia? (is this different for you)...

  2. You know, I always had super regular periods, and since having Nick, my periods have been awful. Like a couple days of really light spotting, and then randomly one day of full flow -- bleed through everything, get super nauseous and light headed, add in a migrane -- ridiculously heavy flow. And then it'll slow back down after a day or two, but continue on so that my period is AT LEAST 7 full days. SO frustrating. I feel your pain! I've resorted to only wearing my ugly, high-waisted, post c-section undies during that time of the month. Can't tell you how many i've had to throw away.