Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mama's Day


So it's Mother's Day. It's a day that I'm usually a little sad about, not because I'm not a mom yet but because for the past 11 years I've been so far, far away from my own mom. The day almost always starts out the same.  I call my mom around 9 or 9:30 and she opens her card and gifts that I've sent her while we're on the phone.  She always cries (just like on her birthday and sometimes my birthday) and talks about how lucky she is to have a daughter like me. 

Today was almost no different. The card brought the expected tears.  The gifts were opened and appreciated. There was, however, talk about how this time next year she'd be getting a grandma card from baby girl Sofia (which brought about more tears - the bittersweet kind where if you're my mom's daughter you try to elicit a few times a year).  Then there was talk about how hard it will be being 8 hours away from each other once Sofia is here.  And it will be so very, very hard.

When I first moved away in July 1999, I spent the first few years crying every time we visited and left.  Who am I kidding?  That first year or two?  I cried many times per week!  It was hard to be away.  And yet I know we made the right choice.  (It's snowing today in Buffalo.  My reason for moving was not the weather, but today it solidifies my decision.)  How on earth am I going to leave now, knowing that my mom won't get to see that precious little face for months at a time?  Makes me wonder if we shouldn't go back...and yet I know I don't really want to. Life is full of hard choices.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone reading this that is either a mom, soon-to-be mom, mom of the future, and furbaby mommies (that's really all of you, yes?).  Enjoy the day!


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you my sweet friend....I love your tradition with your mom. I think it's the next best thing! Looks like your going to have to set her with skype before that little one comes along!

    Hope you are enjoying your day.

  2. It did not snow here - that's all I have to say! That and of course you made the right decision - I love it but it's not for everyone. Sometimes I question my decision to come back. Your Mom is very lucky to have you and Sofia is crazy lucky - you and Russ - doesn't get much better than that! (kinda like Marcia and Ed) ;)

  3. mother told me it was snowing, I didn't make it up AND she always downplays the weather so that I won't use it as an excuse to live away. So I don't know where you're living but she saw snow. :-)

  4. It will be sad at first, but 8 hours is still a car drive away. I get sad a lot at times, esp. b/c it's about a 20 hr. drive home for us! But then again, we get more visitors than we ever have ever since we had Libby and Drew. So, your mom will probably be down here more than you think. And SNOWING in Buffalo? OMG!!!!

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you!!! So sorry you're missing your mom!!!!! XOX

    (My mom lives far, far away parents actually live on a sailboat in the Altantic Ocean. They travel from Maine all the way down to the Bahamas and back each year so they are always in a different place and I'm always in the midwest so we don't see eachother very often. I too always miss my mama a lot on Mother's Day!!!)