Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Months!!!

Baby girl hit the big 7 month mark yesterday.  Oh, my big girl!!!  I thought I'd do a rundown on the stuff she is doing these days:

-  Movement:  Not sure how she does, but she's moving all around without actually crawling or even rolling that much.  She just scooches and wiggles and she's all over the place.  Yesterday, I left her on the floor for literally 60-90 seconds to go into the kitchen and when I came back I found her under the couch!
 (someone explain to me why all my pictures are sideways!  Ugh!)  Is she cute or what?
I do believe the crawling will happen any day now and I am crazy thinking about the baby-proofing that has not happened (as evidenced by the cords dangling just inches from her throat in the above pic)

She is standing very solidly while holding on to us or the couch or ottoman.  She is also slapping her hands/arms on her legs and can even to it to a beat if I lead her.  She is sitting up on her own and is not toppling over hardly at all any more.  She doesn't get to a sitting position her own yet but she is almost there.

Talking/Noise:  Girlfriend likes to shriek!  And make all kinds of noises.  Sometimes it sounds like she's saying "yeah" at appropriate times and I swear she is!  If one to hear some of the noises she makes, they might think she's in distress, but it's just her playing with her voice.  I'm hearing all kinds of sounds, though nothing that sounds like an actual word aside from the "yeah".

Eating/Drinking:  Sofia is still on her Nutramigen formula and stage 1/2 baby foods.  She LOVES mangoes and pears the best.  Sweet potatoes is another favorite along with combos that include spinach.  She also eats a multi-grain organic cereal twice a day.   I haven't tried anything else like pasta or mashed potatoes, but I think we will soon.  We tried the puffs recently and at first she HATED them and acted like we were torturing her - literally cried.  We tried it again and she's ok with them.  I gave her a num-num biscuit and she was leery of it and ate some.  She LOVES to drink water from our glass.  I think she likes the cold glass against her mouth.  She can take a sip pretty easily.  She can also use a straw when she feels like it - very inconsistent there.  We've given her grits at restaurants and also some ice cream.

Teeth:  Not yet, but she's been drooling like a fool for months!  When are these teeth coming???

Sleep:  Napping on her own at the babysitters.  Napping on us at home.  Along with sleeping on daddy all night.  We're making progress though.  She no longer needs any rocking or motion to get to sleep.  We go in her room, turn on the white noise, lay in the chair and she is asleep within a minute.  It's great!  We can then put her in the crib and she'll stay asleep for a while, but once she wakes up she wants us to hold her.  I feel optimistic because I believe she has learned to fall asleep herself (as evidenced by her ability to do it at Doris's and no longer needing motion to fall asleep).  I think the next step will be her staying in her crib longer and then doing it all on her own.  We'll get there!

Personality:  She is the funniest baby ever!  She laughs and smiles all the time!!!  She rarely cries.  This week, I think I've seen actual tears once and that was when we accidentally smashed her fingers in the canopy of her stroller.  She shouts when she's hungry, but she just doesn't cry.  She's never, ever woken up crying.  We're really lucky.

Activities:  She LOVES to watch TV.  I'm embarrassed.  I really didn't want her to watch much, but she laughs and loves it.  She literally watched all of american idol (on DVR) the other day and didn't make a move or a peep the whole time!  Plus she loves  everything on Nick Jr.  She loves to jump in her jumperoo and she loves to go for walks.  I don't love that we now don't get to see her face on walks because she's not in her car seat anymore, she's in the stroller.  I miss seeing her face. 

Is there anything else?  I'm sure there is....  Most important, she is well loved!!!!  My baby girl.


  1. The picture issue happens to me too, the only way i figured out how to get around it is by uploading the picture to picas so images and then adjusting it there if need be and downloading the picture to your blog from there. It's an extra step but the sideways pictures were driving me batty!!

    You really have yourself an angel there, so lucky!!! Do you and Russ have frozen embies from your last cycle? Just curious if there might be a sibling on the horizon?!

  2. Wow, hard to believe it's been 7 months!! She is adorable. She's a mover and shaker...sounds like you will have your hands full.