Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photograph of my mind

Oh my baby girl!  Allow me to gush...

Sofia is the happiest, silliest, most peaceful, loving baby in the world.  How did we get so lucky?  She is a dream come true that I never even had the audacity to dream of. I get to be her mom forever? What a PRIVILEGE. 

Baby girl has just been extra crazy cute lately and it fills me with bursting joy.  She literally smiles or laughs every moment she's awake.  Gushing will stop now.  Or at least I'll try. (Notice I didn't even mention once how BEAUTIFUL she is?)

I've had some new readers on my blog lately (a dear co-worker and family) and they've been going back and reading some of my early posts.  This prompted me to go back and read my story from the beginning.  In a word - wow.  There's comfort in knowing that I was always crazy =) , but man how did you people put up with my ups and downs and doom and gloom?  Thanks for hanging in there.  What I realized most from rereading my blog is that I'm really writing this for me.  What a wonderful way to document a significant time in my life.  I realized that not only do I need to blog more, but I have to tell my story - the good, the bad, the beautiful.  So hopefully, I'll take the time to write more and to focus on the ways our family is growing and learning.  I'd like to think of it of a photograph of my mind that will help me remember this time.  Let's hope I follow through.

To be honest, rereading some of my entries made me laugh out loud and cry.  I had forgotten some things, particulalry how I described finding out IVF might be our only chance.  I said that I "howled" outside the door waiting for the elevator and that is so true.  I hate thinking about it, but it was an awful, unexpected moment.  It reminded me of how far we've come.  It helped me remember that miracles happen.  Is there something bigger than a miracle?  If there is, I've got it.  She's beyond a miracle.  She is joy and love personified. 

Gushed again.  My bad.


  1. I have never read your entire history but started to yesterday after this post. It's amazing to see how far you have come. In one breath it's so inspiring but in another I think to myself, what the heck will we do if the first try doesn't work? Where do we get $100 k ?!?!?! I guess I shouldn't get that far ahead of myself and just keep trying to optimize on this one chance 100%

    You have yourself an amazing baby girl. I am so jealous!!!!

  2. Aw I am so happy that you and Sofia are so incredibly happy! Your love for her is so obvious! =)

  3. Isn't it nice to reflect on the journey that got us to where we are?? It's all a learning process...the good, the bad and the ugly. Especially when we look at our miracles and think about how it was all worth it.

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