Thursday, April 22, 2010

Registry Confusion


First of, woo hoo!  I'm 21 weeks!  I love Thursdays because I flip over into a new week and my Baby Center weekly update comes and I feel like I've climbed another hurdle.

Now, as you read this, please understand that I am not complaining.  I am embracing every last minute of this process, but my goodness, figuring out what to put on this gift registry is exhausting!  The internet is a beautiful thing, full of reviews of everything you can imagine.  But can I really research EVERYTHING?  I feel lost.  And people keep asking me if I'm done yet!  I'm so very grateful that they want to get shopping, but I am feeling some pressure.

For the nursery, I've decided to allow Pottery Barn Kids to just throw up all over the room.  I thought I wanted simple and modern?  Um, no.  This is a girly-girl room full of flowers and bunnies and I'm loving every second of it!  Pink, yellow, and green - here we come!  That part was fun.

It's the little things.  Which thermometer is best?  I don't know.  Breast milk storage system?  I don't know.  Swing?  Bouncer?  Jumper?  I don't know.  My friends all have differing views, but the one constant is that they say you just don't know until your baby tries things and decides if she likes it. what do I do?

I live in a 2-bedroom high rise condo in Arlington, VA.  Space is an issue.  I refuse to have huge, brightly colored plastic ugliness taking up space if it isn't soemthing that she will use and enjoy.  But it sounds like you just don't know, so we'll just try our best.  I know we'll make mistakes and have to run out and get other things, but that'll be OK.  It's all for her and she's worth it.


  1. OMG. I hear you. I am in registry hell to! What about gliders. Have you picked on yet? That is my big hurdle right now!

    Congrats on 21 weeks. I didn't realize that Thursdays are both of our flip over days!!!

  2. Yep...same boat for me!!! The one piece of advice that I keep hearing is to register for gift certificates so that as your baby grows and as you figure out what you need you can just go out and get it. How does one register for a gift certificate though?? I'm just as lost as you!! Isn't this a more fun problem to have vs. IF!!!! Good luck figuring it all out!!!

  3. Just put all of it on the registery! (LOL...but what do I know?).

    You're right, you probably will make mistakes along the way, but that's how you will learn what baby girl likes and doesn't.

  4. Just got your comment on my are so cute!! I wish we lived near each other...I REALLY do cause I know we would have so much fun getting our girls together for a play group for them and us!!

    I do hope that you'll email because I have so much I want to tell you and leaving it here on your blog seems like too much. I felt the SAME way about a doula when we first starting talking about one. I hated the idea of some lady being all up in my face the WHOLE time so I was hesitant too, but after more research and time and discussing it with with my DH I've foudn that I know it's gonna be a good thing. And, hey, if she pisses me off she's working for me so I can tell her to get take a walk and leave me be for a little while. Hope to hear from you!!! XOX

    And and I CANT wait to see pics of your nursery!! I love bottery barn kids SO MUCH!!

  5. Ouch... just hearing the word registry is hurting me at this point. My family and friends are starting to act like I'm already a bad mother and like this baby is just ready to pop out anyday and need stuff set up. If you find a Complete Idiot's Guide to Registry, please notify me immediately!!! :)

  6. I just went for the swing, high chair, etc. that I liked as far as looks. I didn't over-research b/c you're always going to find one person somewhere on the internet that had a bad opinion of something. But as long as it passed safety tests and was a major brand, it was fine for me.

    For space, I wish I would have gotten the space-saver high chair, which is a mini high chair that attaches to a real chair. Half the price and space:

    I couldn't live without a Moses basket, but then again I have multiple floors. It was so easy for me to put them down for a nap there if I was in the kitchen, basement, living room, etc. Definitely get a bouncy seat. They also make small swings, too and I ended up using that one (which I got 2nd hand) WAY more than my big fancy expensive swing- I could move it anywhere and even travel with it:

    Hey, let's go shopping one day soon and we can have fun looking and picking out stuff! I can tell you what worked well and what I never really used. But only if you WANT the advice! ;)

  7. Ok, just looked at your registry at PBK and all I can say is A.DOR.A.BLE!!!! Love love love it! Where else are you going to register, if anywhere?

  8. I know what you mean about registering being overwhelming. Luckily(??) I was on bedrest and had hours to research everything (plus I'm a bit of a research spazz anyway lol). There's a great book called "Baby Bargains" that a lot of people use to find the best stuff at good prices. You might check it out!