Monday, July 12, 2010

Catch Up


I realize that I am not using this blog for the one of its main purposes which is to document this pregnancy in detail.  Oh, I tell you guys all kinds of stuff, but I don't think I'm doing a good job of documenting things for me to have a history of what all happened.  And the reason why I think it's important for me to do that is because once I get over some little bump (like horribly painful contractions), I forget all about them.  And I want to have everything documented - good, bad, whatever.  So I will try to be more detailed in the things that I want to remember but I can tell already that it's not going to happen today.

So I've been in Buffalo all last week and am not home and feeling quite overwhelmed with everything.  We have a BABY coming really soon and we are so not ready - logistically speaking.  With the third (beautiful, fabulous!) shower over with, we finally have just about everything we need but now the nursery is full of stuff and if there's one thing I'm bad at, it's organizing.  I'm pretty good at most things that I put mind to (reproducing is an exception), but I become easily overwhelmed about where to put "stuff" and so I tend to have some clutter.  I don't know where to begin, but considering that I'm not working all summer I know it's my responsibility to figure it out and get it done. 

I'm suddenly feeling really scared about everything baby.  It's not the baby coming home part, it's everything that leads up to that.  We have our birthing class at the hospital next week so I hope that helps me feel more comfortable.  It's just becoming all too real that I could easily go into labor VERY SOON.  In less than a month I'm considered full term?  Unimaginable.

I believe that if you're reading this and you're currently expecting, you passed your glucose test and let me just tell that you really need to be thankful for that.  Because gestational diabetes SUCKS.  I can live with it - only a few more weeks left after all - but it's starting to get to me and my positive attitude is fading fast.  This regimented schedule is the worst and I'm just tired of it.  For instance right now I need to be thinking about what I'm going to eat for dinner and I'M NOT HUNGRY.  But I have to eat.  And not just eat anything; I have to eat a good, well-balanced meal.  Normally on a night like tonight I'd have some fruit and maybe popcorn.  Can't do that. I realize that I'm not a big protein person, no surprise there I guess.  And before bed i have to have a snack???  Man oh man.

This week I have my regular OB appt and my diabetes/thyroid appt.  Do I get any more ultrasounds?  I'm not sure.  I think I gained 2 pounds finally, so I feel good about that.  It brings my total weight gain to around 20-21 pounds, but I'll know for sure Thursday at the dr - you know how all scales seem to be different?  That's the one that I'm counting.

OK, time for me to force feed myself.  What will it be?  Salad and chicken?  That's new.  Read: blech! =)


  1. You are about the same as me on weight gain so far, which I consider to be good. :) I've gained 22-23 pounds and I'm a week ahead of you. The organization will get done, but I have a hard time knowing right now where I'll need/want things to be when this bambino arrives.

    It is amazing to think that we are SO close to actually becoming mothers! So exciting!

  2. I hope the shower was great! Sorry about all the meal planning you have to do. But I'm sure you are doing anything and everything possible for that baby!

  3. Thanks for the update girl! Sorry to hear the diabetes diet is such a drag. Just keep in mind that it is the best thing for your little one! In just a few weeks, it will be like those painful contractions...a distant memory! Glad to hear the nursery is coming together. I think your nesting insticts will kick in here shortly and you'll have that nursery organized in no time!

    Good luck with your child birth class. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  4. OH man that eating schedule sounds miserable!! I'm so sorry you have to go through that!! Less than a month til full term....WOW!!!

    Hope that you'll post pics of your nursery once you get everything organized!!