Friday, July 30, 2010

BIG GIRL, part 2


I had my regular OB appt yesterday.  We chatted about my hospital visit over the weekend (no big deal), we discussed my swelling (ugh!), and then she finally said, "OK, let's talk about this big baby of yours..." 

Oh yeah.


She explained to me that Sofia's head measures in the 95 percentile, along with her belly.  In case you don't understand what that means, let me break it down for you.  She is big AND fat.  =)  And will be oh, so adorable! 

This brings on some pretty serious potential complications.  The dr that IF her head can fit through my pelvis, the risk is then that her big, fat shoulders won't.  Once her head is out, she isn't getting oxygen and if the shoulders become stuck they have to either yank her out (causing potential structural damage to her) or shove her back in and do an emergency c-section.  She said that she highly doubted that her head will fit anyway (to which I thought, "But have you SEEN my hips???").  She said if it were her, she'd schedule a c-section at 38.5 weeks. 

OK.  Sounds like a plan.

Remember that I was going to be induced at that point anyway.  Induction is something I really did not want.  My friends who have been through and those on TV seem to get induced only to labor for 25+ hours and end up with a c-section anyway.  So hearing that a c-section is being recommended was exactly what I wanted to hear.  It's being scheduled for Aug 23 (back up date of Aug 24 if the hospital schedule is full on the 23rd, they're working on that). 

SO.  No labor for me unless she comes early, which I still hope she does.  Only problem with her coming early now is that it won't give my parents enough time to get here.  (they live 8 hours away and are prepared to leave within 15 minutes of getting the phone call which would be fine for a regular birth, but won't be enough time to make it for the c section)  Aside from that, my hope is that around Aug 19 (38 weeks), I go into labor...labor at home for a little bit and then go into the hospital and have the c-section.  She did say that if I went into labor in the next week or so, I should try to do it since she isn't that big yet and I might be able to get her out.  As much as I want to meet her, I know that another few weeks is the best thing. 

I'll still continue to get weekly NSTs and scans after which they'll either tell me that all is good or "please go have your baby now".  I'm getting ready to go now.  I love sitting there listening to her heart for 30 minutes!  Then they'll measure my fluid. 

At this point, all I care about is her being born as safely as possible.  So we'll see what happens. There's some comfort in knowing that there is light at the end of this exciting, beautiful tunnel.


  1. Wow, I can't believe she's almost here! I am so happy for you. You have waited a long, long time for this.

    I, too, will be hoping for an easy labor/delivery for you with no complications. And I want pics! (Of Sophia, not your section. LOL!)

    Big hugs,

  2. OMG I can only imagine how cute she is!!!!! This post frightened me a bit, as in I was like OMG I didn't know babies could be too big to come out and get stuck, how naive am I?!! But the plan for C-section sounds better all around, for everyone! Praying she decides to stick around until her scheduled debut! xoxoxoxox

  3. Oh my gosh, you are going to have a baby in 3 weeks and 3 days! I am so excited for you. I'm also glad that your OB is taking the precaution and doing a c-section. There is no reason to put you or baby at risk after you have worked SUPER hard to get her here.

  4. I'm totally with you on not wanting to be induced. My friends have rarely done well with it and 90% have had c-sections after a long, miserable labor. So no thanks on that!

    I'm glad she's not tiny, and her little chubby cheeks will be adorable! You are getting so close now.

  5. It's almost here, it's almost here!!!! I was scared to deliver twins naturally b/c often times when 1 gets out, the other wants to enjoy the womb and you end up with a c-section to get the other baby out. So, when we scheduled my c-section after Libby's fluid was low at 36 wks, I was sad not to actually feel what labor was like- if even for just a little while! Wouldn't you know that I started having contractions when we got to the hospital. Of course, they were just beginning and not all that bad, but it was good enough for me! You've had contractions already, so at least you know what it feels like, too. ;)