Sunday, July 4, 2010

Catching Up


I'm up in Buffalo for my family shower on Wednesday.  It's the final shower, which is good because we really can't fit any more stuff in our little condo!!  Not that I don't appreciate everything but it is getting tight.  The shower on Wednesday will be my aunts and cousins and friends that I grew up with along with some of my mom's friends from work.  It seems everyone is really interesting in "showering" us with love and good wishes - my mom's work people actually asked if they could come (mom was going to invite them but then it's getting awkward if they don't want to come and they feel obligated to buy a gift).  The shower is at some fancy country club with a sit down dinner and all kinds of crazy stuff.  Where I live now, no one does it like that but up here that's how showers always are.  I had never been to a shower at someones house until I moved to Virginia.  From what I understand though, that's the norm whereas spending all this money at fancy venues is more of thing just up here.  Who knows.  But I appreciate everything everyone is doing for us!

I felt pretty good all week up until Thursday night when those terrible contractions happened again.  they became regular, though only 45 min - an hour apart.  I know that can be normal, but it's the pain and intensity that throws me.  When I read about Braxton Hicks, it describes them and then says to call your doctor if they are painful (check!), feel like menstrual cramps (check!), involve pain down the legs (check!), and include back pain (check!).  So I don't think I'm a paranoid nut for being concerned.  Luckily I had an OB appt Friday anyway, so I was glad to go especially knowing that I was going to be out of town all week this week.  They checked me and my cervix is all good, they did that test again (why do I always forget the name???) to see if I'm out of the woods for going into labor in the next 2 weeks (no results yet unless no news is good news, with the holiday weekend, I'm not surprised I haven't heard).   I read one article that said since the baby is putting pressure on all of my internal organs, normal functioning can at times become painful.  I so feel this is the case for me.  When I eat, I'll get terrible cramping (sort of like you have to run to the bathroom before it's too late, though bathroom use is not needed at all - I know this because I run to the bathroom and just sit there like a dummy thinking it'll help).  It makes sense to me that food going through my system is putting pressure on my uterus and may be causing it to cramp/contract.  Just my theory.

I'm all done with work for the summer (and hopefully until after Sofia is here!).  We're spending this first week up here and then I'm home til the end getting the nursery ready and waiting.  Waiting.  I'm really happy to be done with work, but I'm a little worried that having nothing to do might make the waiting seem soooo long.  NOT that I'm complaining =).

My eating is a pain with this diabetes thing.  I have to check my blood, inject insulin, eat breakfast, wait 2 hours, check my blood, have a snack, wait 2 hours, eat lunch, wait 2 hours, check my blood, have a snack, wait 2 hours, inject insulin, eat dinner, wait 2 hours, check blood, eat a snack and inject more insulin before bed.  It's not the needles that bother me - I'm the needle pro after all!!!  (5 IVFs with 4 injections a day makes you that.  It's official.)  It's the meal planning that killing me.  I can fit almost anything i want to eat into my diet, but I have to always make sure I'm getting the right ratio of protein to my carbs and adding milk and all kinds of stuff that I just don't want to think about.  It's just a pain and all I think about is food all day and it's becoming obsessive because when I finish one meal, I start thinking about what I have to eat at the next.  And it's not like when I used to obsessed with food and think about all the great things I'll eat later.  This feels more like work.  Only 60 days left!  And the good part is that while baby girl is growing healthily, the rest of me is definitely losing weight.  My legs are back (to not being so big and swollen looking) and my parents who saw me just 2 weeks ago say that while my belly looks bigger, I look smaller.  So that's a good thing, right?  I'm still stalled at the 18-19 pound weight gain mark and I'm just fine with that.

So we're off to the beach today!  Hope everyone enjoys a fun holiday!!!


  1. I'm so sorry about the diabetic diet. It would be SOOO hard to eat that way, much less when pregnant! Luckily, your weight gain is doing great and you're getting so close now. The shower sounds awesome, I want to see pictures!!!

  2. You sound great, Honey!! Sorry about the rigid meal planning :(.

    Have a great day at the beach!!!! XOX