Wednesday, July 28, 2010

False Alarm


Just a quick update about our adventurous Sunday evening...

Around 6 pm, I found that I had some pink spotting that quickly turned into a deeper pink, close to red spot that only showed up upon wiping.  I became concerned and called the dr on call who said there was nothing she could do to help figure it out unless we went into Labor and Delivery and had it checked out.  And so we were off...

Now just having the birthing class the day before, our minds were focused on the real possibility that this was the beginning of either water breakage (the slow leak kind) or the bloody show.  While Russ held it together pretty well, I immediately went into a controlled panic mode just trying to grab anything that I might need just in case this was indeed IT.  I threw my robe and flip flops in a bag along with some toiletries.

We arrived at the hospital and they put me on the NST and we found that baby girl was doing very well.  Lots of movement that coincided with small contractions that I wasn't able to feel.  The resident dr came in and did an internal and didn't see any blood.  They cultured a bunch of things and she said that my cervix was tightly closed. 

My urine test came back with a trace of blood in it!  So that's presumably where it was coming from, though I don't have any infection or anything.  Just weird.  They had me drink water until the contractions stopped and sent me home.  By the time I left, there was no more spotting at all and there hasn't been any since.

So while it was an anti0climatic evening, I enjoyed the experience of knowing what it will be like on the real day.  We got to ask the nurse all sorts of things and I feel even more comfortable about it all.  Part of me was hoping it was really it!!  But I know she's healthier to stay put for just a little while longer...

This experience did kick my butt into high gear and I'm happy to say that my hospital bag is almost all packed and my labor bag is getting there.  Also, there has been great progress on the nursery - pics soon!


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. Glad it was anticlimactic! Keep cooking baby girl. She'll be here so soon!!!!!

  3. Phew!! Cant wait for the pics!! :)

  4. I'm so glad everything is okay! She'll be arriving safely soon, but it is nice to have a practice run so you'll feel more comfortable when it's time. And thanks for mentioning flip-flops, I don't have mine packed in my bag so I'm running to throw those in now. Life would be over without my flip-flops!!!

  5. I'm glad you and baby girl are both doing well. I can't wait to see pics of her nursery!

  6. Holy moly- that was scary, but SO happy to hear all is okay! Good thinking with the flip flops. I just had those yucky socks they give you! Can't wait to see nursery photos! ;)