Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reality Freak Out


I had my two-week appt today.  Everything looks great.  My OB (the one in practice that I know the best even though she's not officially mine - they have me see them all) filled me in on some things that I didn't know and that are making me panic just a little bit. 

Due to the diabetes, they won't let her stay in me longer than 38 and 1/2 weeks.  That means that I'll be scheduled for an induction sometime around August 23.  THAT means that most likely I'll need pitocin and THAT means that I'll have to get an epidural because I'm not superwoman.  Of course she could come on her own sometime before then and that's what I'm hoping for, though I hope it's not too soon.  She said that at 36 weeks they wouldn't stop labor should I go into it.  Also I will start seeing the high risk doctor each week (in addition to the regular OB) for ultrasounds and measurements of the baby and fluid.  I'm loving that idea as it means I'll get to really check in with her every week.  If they find she's getting too large, they may schedule a c-section, though not before 37 weeks. 

So then she starts asking me, "Is the nursery done?" and I'm like umm....kinda?  Not really.  Then she says "You have a car seat??" and I'm like well, yeah, but does it need to be in now???  She said I had a couple weeks but the sooner the better, she could come anytime.  YIKES.  Then she asks about day care and I tell her that's the most stressful thing right now and she encouraged me to get on it.  She didn't mean to make me freak out - really, she didn't.  She was very matter-of-fact about it all.  But now?  I'm freaking out just a little bit.  There is MUCH to be done.  On the top of the list is day care.  What are we going to do??  There just aren't places around (weird, considering I'm in a major metropolitan area) and the in-home care I've contacted all seem to be full or unwilling to call me back which indicates to me that they don't need my business.  There just aren't day care centers around like there are out in the more distant suburbs (I'm just a mile outside of DC, but still technically the "suburbs").  I guess it has to do with property value and places being unable to operate where it's so costly.  We've thought about nanny sharing but still there's much to be researched and considered.

Luckily, we're trying to work it out so that we don't need day care until January 2011.  I'll go back to work in mid November and then Russ will take off until I have winter break and then we'll start the new year with our new routine.

I know it will get done - what option is there?  I just feel very overwhelmed with the clear fact that this is all happening SOON.  And even though I feel I'm not ready logistically speaking, I am so ready to meet Sofia!

Also, last night we had pediatrician orientation and we love the practice!  They were warm and have awesome hours (they are open on Christmas day!?) and I don't think we're going to meet with any other doctors.  This practice was recommended highly by friends so I feel comfortable. 

Our infant care class with CPR training is on Saturday.  I'm already CPR certified but I need a brush up and Russ has not training.  Should be interesting...  Next week is breastfeeding class and then the birthing class at the hospital along with the tour of the labor and delivery wing.  Exciting!  And scary. 

We're having a BABY!


  1. I can't believe Sophia is almost here! I know you'll understand when I tell you that I am so excited (and yet sad) at the same time. It seems to have gone by so quickly -- of course, that's from an "outsider's" perspective. I am sure it seems much longer to you.

    Big hugs, and no worries -- it WiLL all get done.


  2. It is so crazy that it's time to start actually preparing for these babies to arrive! Seems like we were all just announcing our pregnancies. I'm glad you're doing okay and I wish I got weekly scans from here on out. I need all the reassurance I can get!

  3. It is coming so fast and is so overwhelming, but everything will get done, I promise. I didn't find daycare until the babies were born and since you won't need it until Jan, you still have time. Do you want a place near your home or work? If in Ffx county, I can get recommendations from my office of places.

    Hang in there! And when can I come over and help organize? Mostly I want to ooh and aah over the cute things, but also help you figure out where to put things. That is, if you want help with that! I can figure out a day when Darrell has the kids or I can get a sitter. Just let me know b/c I'd LOVE to help!!! ;)

  4. You'll get it done. Don't stress! Everything will fall into place. Keep in mind, that with the exception of the car seat (which they won't let you leave the hospital without) the only other things your baby needs are you, your boobs, and a blanket. Everything else is just icing on the cake!

  5. Wow! I even started to feel anxious for you as I was reading the post! LOL But really, just take one thing a day to work on. You have time for the childcare fortunately and all the other things you can do before she comes. And if it doesnt get down, then it will when you need it. I can't believe we are only one month away already, wow!!! I like what Emily said, you just needs your boobs, blanket! Tee hee. xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Like Kim, I was getting stressed out for you reading this post. I guess when you have to think about EVERYTHING that has to get done, it is overwhelming. Just take one thing at a time and it will all work itself out. Breathe in, breathe out. :)