Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just a little more drama...


Have you noticed my new little ticker on my page?  How cute!  (Thanks, Katie for the suggestion!)  Problem is it didn't update today.  It's still showing 10w4d.  Hmm...

So we went to the Dr today and, as always, there had to be some drama.  It won't sound like much, but for us it was torturous there for a minute.  I get there - and I just need to say again how very pleased I am with the office and everyone there.  They are quick and friendly and know what they're doing and I'm very, very happy.  So we get into the room and the Dr comes in with her doppler and immediately says that we're going to listen for the heartbeat.  I was so excited!  I didn't think we'd get a chance to hear or see anything today so it was a nice surprise to be able to verify once again that the little peanut is doing alright.  She did say that at 10and 1/2 weeks it might be hard to "find the heartbeat", so we were somewhat prepared for the 5 FULL MINUTES of her pressing so hard on my belly and finding NOTHING.  She kept moving super slowly across the same areas over and over again and nothing could be heard.  After what felt like an hour (five minutes), she said that they have an "archaic ultrasound machine" and that they'll use that to verify a heartbeat visually.  It was nice to know that in a pinch they do have an u/s machine even though it's not as high tech as the one in the radiology dept that we were at last week.  I asked if we should be worried and she said that we should not since last week we had a great u/s and everything looked good.  She said again that at this early, the doppler is often ineffective.  So they say that the room where the machine is is being used and that we'll just need to wait a few minutes.  Now you guys know me.  I was convinced the baby was gone.  I was fully preparing myself for going in there and finding nothing.  And of course the wait was only 15 minutes but it felt like hours.  Then we get into the room and she turns on this old machine and is again trying to find it and she says "there's your uterus"..."there's the baby"..."ok, now let's see...hmm..."  HMM?  Man I was sure that there was nothing there.  It felt like it took so long.  And then finally "See that little flicker?  That's the heartbeat"  HUGE sigh of relief!  I honestly can't say I saw it, but i didn't care.  I looked at her and I said "You swear to God that it's there and OK?"  She said it was.  And then we were able to see the little peanut practicing some sort of aerobatic routine.  He/she was twirling and flipping and having a ball in there.  The Dr was happy to see so much movement.  PHEW!  Poor Russ.  He really will be an alcoholic before this is all over... (not really, he hasn't actually started hitting the bottle...)

I have yet to make the connection between what I see on the ultrasound screen and the fact that the image I see is in ME.  I feel like I'm watching TV and "oh cute, look at the baby!".  It's incredible to me that I'm walking around with that all day.  Why don't we hear more people talk about how crazy miraculous all of this is? 

So we discussed the chromosomal abnormality screenings and decided that we'll do the non-invasive tests and then move on from there in the event that something comes back negative.  My selfish reason for doing this is that it means I get another ultrasound within the next 2 weeks.  I have to go to a specialist for the test and still need to make the appt sometime before I'm 13 weeks.  She said I'd go back to the specialist for another thorough u/s at 19-20 weeks since I'm an IVF and "advanced maternal age" patient.  Man I feel old!  I like that they're taking special care of me - bring it on!!!


  1. Oh I would have freaked!!! SO RELIEVED to know that all is well!!! I'm glad you finally got yourself a little ticker!! (I had that kind but it stopped updating some days too...hmmm... so I stuck with this one since it is always right: http://babystrology.com/baby-tools/baby-tickers/

    "Advanced maternal age??" Can't they use a more flattering term like, "super hot MILF!!" LOL

    Take care, Mama!!! Cant wait to read more updates!! :)

  2. If they called you "advanced maternal age" they must have called Judi "Grandma"!! :)

  3. So glad everything went well. That's awesome that they have an u/s they can use in a pinch. They should really make it a regular practice to not use the doppler until they are sure they can pick up a hb so mom's don't FREAK!

  4. I have the SAME problem with my Lilypie ticker. Mine is right for 2 days then it stops updating unless I log back in. I even emailed the girl who runs the site and she said it has to do with your browser's cache (I guess it stores a "memory" of frequently visited sites) and if you clear your cache it will refresh. Not sure.

    As for your appointment, way for them to scare the heck out of you!! NOT COOL! I am so relieved to hear that everything is okay though.

  5. I'm so relieved that everything is okay! Don't worry about the heartbeat with the doppler-- they had trouble finding one with twins in there! Luckily, it meant I got an extra u/s to see those little dolphins doing flips all over. Enjoy these moments b/c they go by tooooo fast. Take these snow days to just rest and talk to your baby. Those were the best things about being pregnant- just being "wowed" at the miracle of it all and feeling a living creature-- your baby-- growing inside your body. I feel bad for the daddys who don't get to experience that because it is truly amazing. ;)

    Oh, and love the ticker, too. Not sure what the deal is, but to me, it is showing 10w6d. Do you have to click "refresh" on yours??