Saturday, February 13, 2010

To shop or not to shop


So technically I'm "in my 12th week" right?  On Thursday, 12 weeks will be complete.  I've also had 4 excellent ultrasounds and everything looks great.  Why am I pondering this?  Because I REALLY REALLY want to start shopping!!!  Not purchasing, but I want to start the preliminary looking around.  (for real this time) (and not just on-line which I have been doing for years) In my mind I told myself that we wouldn't go to the big baby store (we have a Babys R Us and a Buy Buy Baby - I want to go to Buy Buy Baby because they have every single stroller you can imagine on display; everything from a Gracco $129 to a $900 Bill and Teds - I am determined to learn the differences) until we were through the first trimester.  So I think it's a little early, but I want to go TODAY.  Or tomorrow.  It would be fun to celebrate Valentines Day there...

Anyway, I have to consider the fact that while I see the light, I am indeed not out of the woods yet.  If the worst happens, would having gone to the store make it any worse?  Maybe, but at that point isn't it just the absolute worst thing ever anyway?  Doesn't my joy now offset the pain then?  I think so!!  Plus I need to be like all these other fabulous IF PG women (is there a real acronym for that?  For those of us that have won the struggle?  We need one...) who are embracing their pregnancies and thinking nothing but positive positive positive.  But it's ME and I need to always be prepared for anything.  And I am trying.  And doing fairly well.  Buy Buy Baby is the last frontier.  And I really, really want to go.

Did I mention I have a horrendous cold?  Sucks.  I know that if I took Sudafed my world would change, but I'm not.  The paper (from what seems like 1990) my doctor gave me said it was fine, but my babycenter newsletter said it was a no no.  I can survive (and have been off on snow days for over a week!), but I sure feel crappy.


  1. If you live in the moment, which is right now, today...then today you are absolutely pregnant. And whether you shop or not won't change the fact the you are pregnant or the outcome. So I say go for it, enjoy in the moment. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

    I cannot think of anything sweeter to do on Valentines weekend then shop for your baby.

    Happy Vaentines Day weekend!

  2. Aww I am sorry about your cold! Trust me, I totally understand as I am just getting over my sinus infection. I managed to avoid the Sudafed, too -- I saw it on the babycenter newsletter also!! At night I am using a Breathe Right nasal strip to help me breathe. I also used Tylenol (whenever the pain was too much from my headache) and Benadryl at night.

    As for shopping, I know what you mean! I am itching to buy stuff but still holding out. I have preliminary registries at Babies R Us, BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us has a nice selection of basic bedding, waterproof pads, etc. BBB has the stroller and a few other big things I want, and has everything else (since I want such specific stuff lol). So I figured 3 small registries will have to do. Maybe you can do some registering instead of buying to take the edge off? =)

    Feel better soon!

  3. GO SHOPPING! It's what you do best, right? Buy something because once you do, it will make it that much more real and you'll want to enjoy telling your baby about those things later.

    Funny story that happened to me that is completely relevant for you right now...

    When I was only 9 weeks along and after going through IVF, etc., I was invited to a birthday luncheon at a restaurant right next door to a Carter's store. I was by myself and decided to just "window shop" afterward b/c like you, I was the same way, plus I was so early on.

    Well, a not-so-compassionate friend that went to the luncheon asked where I was going and when I told her, she said something about "you're shopping already- aren't you only like 6 weeks along?" I immediately said (and rudely), "I'm NINE weeks." I would have punched her in the f'in face if there weren't people around. {You know- she's the one with 3 kids "without really trying" who enjoyed calling me every time to tell me when I was going through IF.} But instead, hormones and feelings took over, and I started balling in the parking lot right after she drove away. The bday girl (sweetest girl EVER) came over and I cried all over her-- it was not pretty. She had gone through IF herself and gave me a nice pep talk. I got in my car and started driving away. I then said, "NO, I WILL NOT LET HER GET ME DOWN LIKE THIS!" So, I turned around and bought a few yellow and green things. Something pulled me to this precious little stuffed giraffe that played the sweetest lullaby. I loved it for some reason, so I bought it.

    Almost 3 years later...

    The other night... when I was putting sweet Libby to bed, she asked for a "special present", meaning something to play with in her crib. I saw this very same giraffe for the first time in a year or so, gave it to her, and told her a story about how I bought it for her and for Drew when they were still babies in my tummy. I told her they were such tiny little babies and yet I sat with that giraffe ALL the time and played it to my belly. I asked if she remembered hearing it in my belly. She nodded and said, "I member, Mama." ;) She stared at me the whole time I told her the sweet story (leaving out the crying and desire for punching parts), processing every single word. Then, when I told her goodnight, she looked up with her angelic blue eyes and said, "I love you, Mama." It hit me like a ton of bricks and for the first time ever, I knew that my feeling of going back and buying that frickin' giraffe was worth it!

    So, without rambling on any longer, I say you should do what you feel with your heart and just tell your brain to shut up some times! ;) Go buy that giraffe, girl!!!!!!

  4. SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!!!!! It is so FUN and you totally deserve the pleasure of going in your 12th week!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Booo....a cold...ugh....Hope you feel better soon!!! xox