Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NT Screening


We had our NT screening today.  It involved an ultrasound and bloodwork via a finger prick.  Ummmm....that finger prick hurt more than any needle I experienced though all my IVF cycles.  OUCH!  And it's all sore now as I type.  The bloodwork provides preliminary results in one week and then in 3 weeks I go for more blood work and in four weeks we'll have full results.

The ultrasound results (just part of the equation) was perfect!!  Everything measured well.  The neck was 1.6mm (at least I think it's mm, that makes sense when we're talking about a baby that's 2.5 inches long?) and they want to see it below 2.5 or it could be indicative of Down syndrome.  She said I had no markers for anything to worry about.  So we feel good even though we know the blood work still needs to come back. 

The sonographer was the best!!!  I wish she could do them all!  She answered questions and was really frank without making me nervous.  I like someone who is honest and realistic but who doesn't needless worry you.  She made an educated guess and thinks it's quite possible that it's a...........GIRL!  She showed us how the genitals are laying flat and how it's just how female parts look.  She said male genitals look way different.  She said that she's not always right, but she feels it's a good possibility.  She warned us to not buy anything yet, though, just in case.

OK, so now for a short disclaimer.  I really, truly will be happy no matter what we have.  Honestly.  At this point, it would be so selfish of me to even wish for anything but a healthy baby.  Even now, if asked I truly just want this baby to make it out, happy and healthy and I would be thrilled with a boy or girl.  Please do not misunderstand, a boy would not be disappointing or anything other than total joy.


The idea that I might have a little girl inside me is more than I can even think about.  To think that not only have I been blessed with a baby but that baby might be a little baby girl??!!  It's so far more than I ever could have hoped for.  I can't even wrap my mind around the possibility and thinking about it makes me cry.  So I guess I didn't realize how much I wanted a girl until today.  I mean my whole life all I ever talked about was having a little girl, so I don't know why I'm surprised that I feel this way.  In the past couple years I was just so used to praying for a baby that gender hadn't come into the picture.  I really had a feeling that it was a boy - and it could very well be.  Russ has thought girl the whole time.  A girl.  Is it possible?


  1. So glad everything went well so far!!! I know what you mean about a healthy baby is all you want but what a bonus a girl would be! I surely hope the sonographer was right and it's a girl!!!!!! Can't wait for the confirmation.

  2. I am so happy everything looked great. And a girl, oh how wonderful! I think all women would like at least 1 little girl, and with IF we don;t really get to choose how many children we will have, so getting her on the first pregnancy is wonderful! I know you would love and adore a boy as well, but I get that longing for a daughter.

  3. I wanna buy cute little girl clothes (I won't lie!). David is fabulous but boys clothes are crazy boring! Little baby Coach shoes (weeeeeeeeee)!!!

  4. Awesome! I'm glad everything went well and she made a gender guess! Congratulations! :)

  5. yayy... Glad the scan went well. I can't believe the u/s tech was able to make a guess already. How amazing to think you might be having a little girl. I am so happy for you tracey!

  6. Great news so far on the NT scan...you must be feeling some relief already. And that they could already guess a baby GIRL?!?!? How exciting and amazing that they could take a guess that early!! (I'm a little jealous...I'm just starting my 17th week and still have no clue yet....ahh....the suspense is making me crazy!!! I can't wait to find out too!!!)

    So glad you have yet another good report!!! Hurray!!!!!!!! I am so beyond happy for you Mama!!!!! XOX

  7. First of all, I am SO glad to hear the NT test results that you have so far look great!! And second, A GIRL???? Awwwwww I think there's something so totally special about a baby girl. My heart almost melted when the tech told me about our little girl. Of course I was super happy about the boys, too, but a girl just somehow tugs at your heart. =) Congratulations!

  8. I felt the same way-- I was so so so so grateful to have any baby- boy or girl! But, I really wanted to have fun buying those little dresses and having cute pink things. This is so exciting, but girl or boy- it's all good. Glad to hear that the U/S went well and can't wait to hear that the other tests are normal. I know you are so happy! ;)