Monday, February 1, 2010

Finding Nemo

9w4d or is 5d?

What a day!!  Long story (read on) short:  all is well!

I got up and went to work so that I could get a couple things done in anticipation of not being there at some point during the day.  So I call my OB as soon as they turned the phones on at 8:45 am.  I get the desk immediately and tell the girl about my weekend.  (By the way, I realized that I wasn't very clear on my last post.  The bleeding only went on Saturday Sunday morning it was all gone and never returned)  The girl was sooo nice and fit me in right away without having me speak to the nurse to "approve" my appointment.  She tells me to get there in an hour.  I left work, met Russ at home and off we went.

They took us back right away, weighed me, took my BP, etc.  The doctor (not the one I had the appt with on Thursday, but a different one - actually it was the one who diagnosed me as an "aggressive wiper" - see previous post from the fall) examined me and said it all looked good, my cervix is closed and I even got a pap to boot!  Then they sent me for an ultrasound.  My OB office is in a hospital and they do ultrasounds in the radiology dept.  Unfortunately, the u/s appt was 2 hours away so we went and tried to get me a preservative-free seasonal flu shot (already have H1N1), but couldn't find one...that might be a challenge. 

Went back for the u/s.  They did both types and we heard the heartbeat!!!  BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!  It was so loud and clear!!!  And then we saw our little peanut who looked just like Nemo.  It was moving it's little teeny arms all around!!!  There is a BABY in there!!!  Heartbeat was strong (159bpm) and I am measuring 9w5d.  That's one day ahead of where I actually am.  I always thought with IVF it was so exact, but now does it mean I actually am a day ahead or is it just that little Nemo is big? 

Anyway, it was a wonderful afternoon.  The doctor wants us back in one week to discuss screening for chromosomal abnormalities, so I have all that to think about...  Russ said he needs a stiff drink (haha, he doesn't drink at all) and confessed that this weekend was the most difficult time he can remember.  He's such a rock, I would have never known he was so nervous.  I am so happy with the doctor and office staff.  They never made me feel like I was over-reacting and I feel like they gave me special attention which I thoroughly enjoyed.  And I forgot, after the u/s, I sat in a results room where my dr called to tell me what she thinks and she said everything looks perfect. They don't know where the blood was coming from, but that there is no sign of any pooling or anything wrong to explain, so it's all good and that if it happens the same way again to just monitor it and call if get worse.  She also said that based on everything, the chances of miscarriage are extremely low.  Relief.


  1. Yay!!! That is so cool that you can see him/her moving!!!!! (it's me,Tammi, I can't figure out how to post so I'm clicking anonymous!)

  2. I am letting out a HUGE sigh of relief right now!! I am so, so glad you got to see your little one and that everything was okay. As for the measurements, you can still stick with your exact-ness from IVF, your baby is just measuring a little ahead. The measurements vary a little depending on how much they're stretched out and also just because some babies are bigger than others. My 4 are all slightly different sizes so they measure a day ahead or behind or so depending.

    I am curious about the preservative-free flu shot. Is there a reason you are getting one like that?

    *big hugs again* SO happy all is well!

  3. *Big sigh of relief* Thank God! Everyone's pulling for you and the "new edition" to the Johnson family here in Buffalo!!!

  4. AWESOME!!!!! What great news!!! Hip Hip Hooray! ;)
    That's cute how you called the baby little Nemo. I thought the same thing (more like a dolphin) when I saw Libby and Drew at 9 weeks-- they just swam around in circles. So cool! ;)

    I am so relieved that you got great news!!!!!!

  5. I'm so glad everything is okay!!!Yay for Nemo!

  6. Wooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo! I've been thinking about you. So glad that everything is just fine. As for your measurements....I would still go with the IVF date.....especially since u/s is a less perfect science than the IVF. Not like it really matter since only 1 in 20 babies actually arrive on their due date!!!!

  7. I'm adding to the collective...SIGH!!! So glad all is well. And you got to HEAR the HB!!!!!! Awesome!!! I can't wait to hear ours...I'm sure its magic!! And movement too!!! There really is a baby in there!!!! Hard to belive isn't it!?!?!

    Again, I'm so happy to hear that you and your baby are doing great!! And Russ sounds like a wonderful husband!!! :)