Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doctors and Diabetes


I hit the 30 week mark YAY!!!  There's something about being in the 30s that makes me all at once excited and scared.  This baby is coming and she's coming fast.  Whoa.  Am I ready?  Sure I am. 

Monday was a day of doctors.  I started at the pediatric cardiologist where they were finally able to tell me that Sofia's heart look normal, so no worries there.  I then went up to the endocrinologist where I learned that I would have to start insulin shots 3 times a day!!! Not what I expected at all. 

Then I had my OB appt.  My dr was hoping that I hadn't experienced any more painful contractions but I had to tell that I had.  She was very close to putting me on bed rest but I told her that I only had a week or so more of work, so I'm off that hook.  She just said I can't walk around and I need to take it "very easy".  I'm supposed to call/go in any time I feel at all concerned.  Her exact words were to have a "low threshold for contacting" them.  I'm so glad they don't think I'm crazy.  I've read that Braxton Hicks can sometimes feel crampy, but it's definitely not the norm.  I haven't had them too badly this week, so I hope they're gone for good.  I'm trying my best to stay hydrated so I hope that's helping.  Also, I was concerned because it seems I haven't gained weight in about a month but they weren't concerned at all.  I have some "reserve" as they say, so it's all good. Baby girl is growing quite nicely and that's what matters.  I'm stuck here at about a 19 pound weight gain and I'm fine with that!

Today I had a 3 hour class about how to eat with GD.  It was only me and the dietitian and it still took forever!!  I learned a lot, but am overwhelmed by how regimented I have to be!  I have to eat at exact times and have very specific food groupings at each meal.  I'm glad I went because I learned a lot, mostly that this could really be impacted baby girl which is motivation enough to be strict about it.  I'm just not used to having to force feed myself.  NOT that I'm not's just that I usually eat small snacks all day long and now I have to eat 3 small meals and 3 snacks which sounds fine until I put it into practice.  Once I'm done with a meal or snack, I can't have anything until the next one and that's going to be a challenge.  Also I have to have milk or yogurt 4 times a day!!  That's so much!  And getting in my protein might be tough too.  But I can do it!

Russ has put the nursery back together and I can't believe how much STUFF we have!!  And I still another shower!  I had to add more things to our registry because it was becoming depleted.  And it's like Christmas everyday with all of the gifts coming in the mail.  This part is FUN.

Saturday is our Lamaze class!!  It should be interesting to say the's all day from 9-5, how am I supposed to do that without a nap???  Yikes.  Next month we have the birthing class at the hospital but we wanted to learn this method specifically, so I'm excited but a little weary as the class is at some lady's house and I just hope it's a comfortable environment.  And I hope I don't feel silly about all that practice breathing!!  I'll let you all know...


  1. Sorry about the insulin injections- what a bummer! My weight has kinda leveled off at the 20 pound gain mark and it isn't really moving a lot lately either. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one. Good for you for taking off work in another week- it's getting tough to be on my feet all day!

  2. Oh my dear, on the injections. Hope they aren't as bad as they sound. The class sounded interesting and I think at first it will be hard to shove all that food down, but soon your body will expect it and you will be hungry each time, I know it sounds crazy, but it happens, I promise! Can't wait to hear about the birthing class and the method tou chose!

  3. Aww- Trace, I'm sorry to hear that about the shots. Well, at least you (or actually Russ) knows how to give injections, right? I hated that part, too, but I was just like you- my motivation was to have healthy babies, so it wasn't so bad. I wore a digital watch around and set alarms to remember to check my sugar and have either a 15g or 30g carb snack. But I tell you, being that strict when all I wanted was a thick milkshake has made me never want to become diabetic later in life!!

    Congrats on no bedrest- take it easy! And I can't wait to hear re. lamaze. Sounds awesome. ;)

  4. Happy 30 weeks!!! What a wonderful milestone. I am looking forward to hearing how your lamaze class goes!!!

  5. 30 WEEKS!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!! You're one tough mama with all that your dealing with these days. I admirer your good attitude about it all. Hang in there!!! XOX

  6. Yay for 30 weeks! Glad you are keeping baby girl healthy and strong.