Friday, June 11, 2010

Party's Over


It's official.  I have gestational diabetes.  BOO!

Bright side is I now have to eat well (though I wasn't eating too terribly before...).  I had already made an appt with the endocrinologist in anticipation of the news, so I'll see her on Tuesday.  I think they'll send me to a class to learn how to manage this over the next 2+ months.  This really means that I need to plan my meals much better.  I do far too much eating on the run which most often leads to eating poorly (I am a fan of the drive-thru window).  Luckily I'll be done with work in a couple weeks so I won't be as tempted to eat badly since I eat less in the summer (cause I'm not up at the crack of dawn!) and I'm home more and I don't keep bad food in the house.  It'll be good, but I was really was hoping to have dodged this bullet.

So here's the weird thing.  On Monday, my test results from last week come back (they had done a throat culture to see if I had strep or not because I was so sick all week).  Turns out that it was positive, but I'm positive for Group B Strep.  If you google that, you'll see that all of the information about it is written in terms of how group B strep impacts delivery and the infant.  If the baby contracts it during delivery, there can be dire consequences.  It says that many (most?) women are given a screening around 3 weeks to check. The screening is via vaginal swab since that's one of the main ways it's carried. 

So I get all that and understand that if one is a carrier of group B strep, they give you antibiotics during delivery and it significantly cuts down risks for baby.  What confuses me is that I had it in my throat and there's nothing that says "when found in the throat, it can cause the following symptoms..."  I'm not questioning whether or not they actually found it, but I do question whether or not it's what made me sick.  Regardless, I'm on antibiotics and life is good because I'm feeling a zillion times better. 

Lastly, they have me starting kick counts.  I knew this was going to be a major source of anxiety for me and so far it has been on and and off.  Yesterday for instance, she was so active all day that I didn't worry at all.  The day before, however, I was nervous because although she definitely kicked enough, I felt the quality of her kicks weren't up to par.  Really?  Now I'm evaluating her kick quality????  I AM CRAZY.  I feel like her weak kicks are signs that she's, well....weak.  I need to stop over analyzing it all.  I know.  Just one more thing to worry about...


  1. Nice background/layout! I'm sorry you have GD -- that stinks. =( Hopefully just some diet tweaks will be all you need! The kick counts thing does seem like it'd be very stressful. I didn't make it far enough to have to do those, but I was worried that I would be stressed by them, too.

    I cannot believe you're only 2 weeks away from being in the 30s! So awesome!!

  2. Love the new design! Sorry about the double whammy...GD and + strep. Glad you're feeling better though!! Stop worrying mama...your little girl is perfectly healthy!!! xox

  3. I really am not loving the kick counts. My baby seems to be doing a lot less kicking these days and I just feel points of pressure, like the baby is stretching. It's harder to feel from the outside and sometimes you can barely see it. I assume it's because the baby is getting bigger.

    Sorry you failed your test! At least you'll be in good health for the pregnancy since you're forced to eat healthy! I really needed to be told to eat more veggies and grilled chicken... :)

  4. Sorry to hear about the GD. I am pretty sure I am going to get slapped with that after my GTT in 2 weeks. As for the Group doesn't really matter where you have it, it just means that you are a carrier so you could (and probably do have some amount of it in your vagina). It's kind of like strep. Some people are natural carriers of the streptococcus bacteria and are way more prone to having strep throat. But this step bacteria doesn't just present itself in the throat. Weird...I know.

    Don't stress about the kick counts. Keep in mind that the way the baby is positioned is going to affect the quality of her kicks.

    It won't be long now till she is in your arms and you'll find a whole new set of worries. THe worrying really never ends!!!

  5. I hope things will get better and that you will be able to work through all these little health issues! Praying that baby J continues to grow and develop into a healthy baby!

  6. Strep throat is NOT fun!!! :( Hopefully with the antibiotics, it's been zapped out of there, even if it is in your vagina. LOL!

    Boo hoo re. GD. It was aggravating having to be so scheduled with eating, but hopefully it won't be too bad for you.

    See you soon...