Thursday, June 17, 2010

One shower down, two to go...


First of all, happy 29 weeks to us!  Next week will be 30 and that is just too darn close to 37 (full term) that it's starting to me anxious. Not my normal what-if-somethings-wrong-with-the-baby anxious, but a more holy-crap-we're-having-a-baby(!) anxious. It's very exciting.

Yesterday my work threw me a phenomenal shower!!! Lots of beautiful decorations, great food, and wonderful people! The prettiest cupcakes I've ever seen and super yummy too.  And they got Chik-fil-a chicken just for me cause it's my favorite.  Russ was a little uncomfortable at first because while he's met many of my co-workers (and is even good friends with a lot), there were a lot of strangers and it's just a little weird to be accepting gifts from strangers.

We got so many nice things!!! Our little place is filling up very quickly with stuff and it's only the beginning.  Gifts keep arriving in the mail and our next shower is Saturday so there will be even more stuff!  I have no pictures yet because the picture person hasn't gotten them to me, but soon!  I promise!

I've started checking my blood sugar 4TIMES A DAY!  I'll tell you what - this is the best way to lose weight ever!  Not that I'm trying, but I know I will.  I actually have to force myself to eat at the times I need to and once I eat, a 2 hour countdown begins and I can't have anything else until I check my sugar. So for instance, I just ate a frozen lean cuisine and while I can't say I'm full, I can't think of what else to eat so I'm done for now.  Normally I would have had the dinner, then maybe in a half hour or hour had something else like some popcorn or cereal but now I can't have anything until my bedtime snack.  I'm certain that I'm eating enough for the baby, so I'm not worried about that. So far I'm really enjoying seeing where my blood sugar is and trying to get it in the right range. I go back Monday to check in and I'm pretty sure they'll give me insulin shots to take because my morning numbers are pretty high, but that's OK.  I need to eat a low-carb high protein breakfast and I'm just not sure what to eat! Suggestions?


  1. I had a friend with Gestational diabetes and she looked fabulous pregnant and then lost ALL of her weight and then some immediately after delivery. She actually considered it a blessing. I'm glad you're doing well!

  2. CAN'T WAIT to see pictures!! I don't know anything about GD so no advice here, but it does sound like you are managing it well and have a great attitude about it! Have a blast this weekend at your next shower!!!! XOX

  3. 29 weeks. Wow. Time sure flies, at least from this perspective. I'm sure that, from yours, its just dragging on.

    I'm so happy that all is well and that the excitement of Sofia's impending arrival is finally kicking in. Can't wait to see pics from your shower -- and shots of the nursery, too? Pretty please?

    Big hugs,

  4. Wow! 29 weeks already! That went by so fast. How fun that Russ got to be there for your work shower. You two deserve the best! Good luck with the blood sugar thing. I hope the doc can get it under control. I am just bursting with excitement for you! You are almost done!!

  5. It sounds like you had an awesome shower!!! SO glad. I dont blame Russ for feeling awkward - alll those strangers and presents, so overwhelming!!

    Oatmeal is a great source of protein, one serving is as much as 2 egg whites. It does have carbs too, but the good slow burning kind. I dont know much about GD, but I presume the trick is to eat protein and carbs together in equal portions to keep your sugar from rising....I think something about the two combined make them burn differently than if you were to eat just carbs alone.

    Cant wait to see pics of the shower!

  6. For breakfast, I mostly ate plain fat-free yogurt (in the big tub) mixed with fruits, like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries (frozen or fresh). I also craved peanut butter, so I ate the "nautral" kind on top of plain, low fat graham crackers. And sometimes I ate an egg or 2 with cheese. It's fast and easy to cook those in the microwave and a good source of protein.

    It was great seeing you and Russ at the shower! You look so great and I just can't wait til Sofia is here!!! ;)