Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm seeing spots (more like polka dots)


It's been a weird weekend...Friday started with my emotional breakdown...things in that area didn't really improve until yesterday.  Sunday was an adventure.  Allow me to explain...

My friend came over and we lay by the pool for a little bit, with my shower coming up in a few weeks, I need some sun to go with my dress!!  So after, we cooked out and sat at the picnic tables on the condo property where I live.  The benches are coated metal that have holes cut out of them.  The holes are about the size of a dime.  Can you picture what I mean here?  I should taken a photo.  Well, I sat pretty much bare-butt on the bench for an hour or so (bare because I had on my little skirt from the pool, but not like naked coochie bare or anything!). 

I had been feeling kinda icky (more on that later) so i take a nap after.  I'm laying on my side when Russ comes into the bedroom and asks "what's that?".  He doesn't seem too alarmed, but just takes my phone and takes a picture of my butt (which was sticking out from under my shirt).  It looks like someone had taken a dark purple bingo stamper and stamped dots all over my ass!!  It was quite disturbing looking and NO, I am not posting the picture! 

It seemed pretty obvious that it was marks from the bench I was sitting on earlier because the purple marks were not only the same size as the holes in the bench, but they were exactly where my lower butt/upper thighs would have been sitting. 


These "bruises" showed up only 45 minutes after I got up off the bench.  Weird.  Google helped me see that there's another pregnant woman someplace that this happened to and her doc told her it was the larger amount of blood in her system pooling.  Eek.  Another post said it could be lack of iron.  Another said it could be a blood clotting issue (now it's looking more scary) and another said it could be a preeclampsia-like condition (super scary).  So i call mom and she thinks I need to call the dr. so I do.

The dr is like "ugh...that's weird."  She doesn't seem too alarmed but does want me to call first thing Tues morning (love having issues over the holiday weekend, right?) to come in.  So today I did and they think it was just the pressure of my fat ass on the bench breaking capillaries and pooling blood and no one's worried.  OK.  If they say so.  Incidentally, the marks have totally faded and you can barely see them today.

Sorry if that story was a bit anti-climatic for you.  But i had to document that one!

So at least I got to see the dr a couple days early (my regular 4 week appt was supposed to be Thurs).  I did my glucose test so we'll see about that.  I had stayed home from work today because I am fighting a terrible cold, but she wasn't too concerned about that.  Baby girl seems to be perfectly fine.  Starting next week, she wants me to count kicks, but that doesn't sound as stress inducing as I thought it would be.

In other baby news....
Yesterday, Russ put the crib together!!  There's going to be a baby in there!  Whoa.
My first shower, the one at work, is in 3 weeks!  Followed by the big one here 3 days later, followed by the Buffalo one in July.  All invitations have officially gone out.  Between you and me, I'm having fun checking out my registry and seeing what people have bought.  Is that tacky?  A little, right?  It's so exciting though!!!


  1. I always check my registry online to see what's been bought! It's fun... Sorry about your butt bruises, but I'm glad the little one is doing well.

    We put our crib together this weekend and it's SO real now. I stare inside it and imagine that I will actually have a baby in there. Crazy!

  2. Glad your ass is ok...haha. ;)

  3. Yay for cribs! I understand not posting butt-pics, but I want nursery ones, understand? :-D

  4. Wow, you win for random-est pregnancy symptom ever! =)

    Cribs are exciting! Can't wait for some nursery pics!