Sunday, January 31, 2010

Better but worried

9w3d (yesterday's post was wrong I was 9w 2d)

So I wrote last night's post at about 5:30 after which I never saw that intense bright red again.  It then became lighter and lighter and eventually went to pink.  (let's face it, pink is simply red that's diluted, right?  So a teeny bit of red often shows up's all blood whether it's red, pink or brown)  Anyway around 7 I decided to call my RE because I had the brilliant idea that I could go to their office this morning during monitoring time to get a quick u/s.  So I call the after hours number and the on-call nurse calls me back who happened to be my nurse!  (my place is huge and probably has over 30 nurses so this was quite a coincidence)  So Farrah tells me that it sounds normal and that they can no longer see me now that I'm released from them. =(   She said that if it got worse and was accompanied by bad cramping I should call my OB.  She assured me that red spotting happens all the time and not to worry.  So I was disappointed because I really wanted her to tell me to run over today and get it checked out.

So this brings me to a few questions.  What is cramping?  Sounds stupid I know, but I'm having trouble defining it.  I've always been a super crampy girl around my period time.  I'm one of those girls who used to throw and have to curl in the fetal position for hours when day 1 hit.  Being on the pill alleviated a lot of that as I got older, but I still was crampy.  The crampiness I'm getting now - and have been getting since I was 4w3d feels exactly like I'm about to start my period, but it's not a sharp cramping pain.  It's a dull, radiating ache that goes all over my abdomen and even down my legs a little.  It's completely manageable - I haven't even thought about taking Tylenol for it.  So I guess I'm saying it's not bad at all and they keep telling me it's normal because I'm feeling my uterus expanding.  And it makes sense to me that if I feel that way when a little lining sheds each month, I certainly should feel that way while life is growing in there bigger and bigger each day.

I have to say that yesterday i felt crampy more often that I have been, so this is what concerns me.  Yesterday I just felt a little off all day.  Usually I feel totally normal all day until late afternoon when I would be hit with some crampiness and just general blah.  It would then go away and come back in the late evening (in general).  Yesterday I was complaining that I was feel more icky than usual.  Russ told me that since I had never been "this pregnant before" I couldn't possibly know how it would feel, so it's all normal.  This comment was comforting, but then of course the spotting began...  Just to be clear, I saw bright red when I wiped only during 2 bathroom visits that were about 20 minutes apart.  It never was enough to leak out onto my pad or anything.  So it's not a lot at all.  Just enough to make me freak out though.

OK, so now what?  Do I wait until Thursday to see my OB?  That will be tough.  I guess I'll see what today brings and decide.  I think that minimally I'll call in the morning and let them decide if they need to see me sooner.

Thanks to everyone who gave me enouraging words last night!!!!!!


  1. We are all thinking about you. Don't be afraid to contact your OB.

  2. I would call your OB Monday morning and ask to come in. If you call today, they might make you go to the ER and that would be okay too if you are okay going there and waiting. I would call first thing tomorrow and ask to come in that day and check it out. 4 more days of worry will drive you crazy.

  3. tracey I am pleased to hear things are sounding better. still praying for you..

  4. So glad things are gettng better. I'd call your OB right away! Maybe they can fit you in earlier to give you a little peace of mind instead of waiting 'til Thursday!!

  5. Sounds like things are improving, but you and I both know you will feel much better after seeing the doctor, so call in the a.m. and see if they want to see you, if not see if they can bump your appointment up and take the next soonest available. It will make you feel better, I promise! :)

  6. I agree with everyone else- call your OB in the morning and see what they say. I have heard of people having cysts, too, so it could be that. But I know I couldn't wait til Thursday and neither can you! Ok, extra prayers tonight for you. ;)

  7. Tracy- OMG, how scary. I wanted so badly to message you this weekend when I read your post to reassure you, but my stinkin computer was acting up.

    I am so glad the bleeding is subsiding. I have heard of LOTS of girls that get bright red blood and everything turns out fine.

    Call your OB this morning and see if you can be seen!

    I am praying for you and baby johnson!