Monday, March 1, 2010

Is it still in there?

I know what you're going to say.

I know.

But the thing is that I feel completely empty today.  I don't feel bloated or crampy or any of the little pains I've been feeling.  I realize that the baby is still in there because it certainly hasn't come out.  But why when I bend over it does not feel there's anything there?  Before (um, that would be yesterday) when I bent over I felt all this pressure like I might explode.  My theory is that my amniotic fluid has sprung a slow leak (as evidenced by the increase in moisture I keep feeling down there) and now it's all gone and the baby is on it's way out too.

(Time out:  I realize how crazy I sound....but I can't help but feel this way and YOU are the people I talk to about this stuff)

Logic and reason tells me that now I am in the 2nd trimester, things are looking up and I'm feeling better.  Isn't that what EVERYONE says is supposed to happen?  Yes, it is.

Then why can't I just be happy that I don't feel like crap?

And I've only felt nothing for like 18 hours or something!  For all I know, I'll feel like crap later. 

What's wrong with me?  I need to be more positive and I just can't think anything but the worst.  Ugh.

Sorry, I seriously know that I'm crazy and it must be getting old to hear about all my worries. 

But I have such worries so that's what you'll hear about. 

For now.


  1. OMG!! You are not crazy at all...I feel this way all the know that!!! All through my first trimester and early in my second I was sure I wasn't pregnant anymore becuase I felt I have a growing bump...that makes it a little more believable, but, as you know, I still had to make an emergency "freakout" appt with my OB last week and I got a doppler on top of maybe the craziness never ends....who knows!?!?! At least we're going through all this madness together!!!!

    Love you, Girlie!!!! I know your baby is PERFECTLY HEALTHY!!! Leaking amniotic fluid??....LOL....I really doubt it!!! XOX

  2. You are definitely not crazy! Sometimes I even feel not pregnant with the quads. I think the 2nd trimester is tricky like that because you get so much energy back and just feel normal again. If you're worried though, maybe you could try the doppler just for peace of mind?

  3. If you're crazy, I'm probably criminally insane! I can't help but worry about everything. Too many symptoms, not enough symptoms, too much discharge, not enough discharge... It never ends! Just know that you're not alone. There's plenty of us out here freaking out with you!

  4. Definitely not crazy. I had the same feeling today! The brain of an IF patient is never quite...we are all constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop...but the truth is, it's not going to! The sooner we all realize that and embrace it the better!!!! I hope you feel "explosion-like" pressure soon to reassure you!!!