Thursday, March 4, 2010

High liver (or Hi Liver!)


So I went to get my thyroid checked out yesterday...pretty uneventful.  My TSH is high so I have hypothyroidism and will take synthroid to get it back in check.

What is troubling is that the endocrinologist called and said my "liver is high".  What does that mean?  Was it smoking weed or something?  She said she called my OB's office and they want to see me tomorrow.  Why the big rush?  What could it be?   I'm more worried with this because of the urgency that they seem to have regarding it.  She said "they want to see you tomorrow to find out why your liver is high".  Luckily (ha!) I'm overweight and lots of times people with extra weight have "fatty livers" as indicated by high levels.  Hopefully that's all it is...not that I want that or anything but it's better than the diseases that I saw when I googled which I will NOT do again.  One of the diseases said that the only treatment is immediate delivery of the baby.  Um...that's not happening.  I'm sure I don't have that.  I pray I don't at least.

OK, relax.  Be calm.  We'll figure it out.  My body is going through changes and I'm bound to have some bumps in the road. 

I go back to my original petition of the universe which is that when people like me have to go through hell in order to get pregnant, we should be blessed with healthy, uneventful pregnancies every time. 

On the bright side, maybe they'll have to do an ultrasound and I'll get to see the baby.  But that concerns me too because if they have to do an ultrasound, that would mean they're worried about the baby.  Let me have some disease, but please let the baby be alright.

Tune in tomorrow for an update...

(Incidentally, I've been feeling REALLY pregnant over the past few days...just thought I'd follow up from my last post)


  1. I hope it's nothing serious. Looking forward to an update tomorrow.

  2. Can't wait for your update. Glad you decided against Googling. Leave it alone. And I wish people would explain to us what things mean so we don't have to worry- or of we do, at least it's legitimate.

    I take Synthroid for my Thyroid....if anything you should be feeling "better" (if your not already feeling good). A sluggish thyroid can make you feel really really tired at times.


  3. Yikes!! Hopefully they just find that your liver has been secretly smokin' the gonjah, confiscate its bong and poof!...everything is back to normal!

    I don't mean to make light of your concern...I just want to make you smile. I'll say a prayer that it's nothing too serious and that Baby is doing great...I'll tune in for your update tomorrow!!!!


  4. That doesn't sound good. Hopefully they can get it all under control so the little one can stay happy and healthy. I totally agree that all of us IF ladies should have perfect healthy pregnancies with no complications. Here's to hoping this is just a small bump in the road.

  5. I'm praying for "nothing major" tomorrow. I hope to hear that you and the baby are just fine. I'm thinking of you! ;)

  6. I hope everything is okay with your liver. Just so you know, my liver was "high" also and I had to get it re-checked. It was normal for the 2nd check and the doctor said most likely it was leftover from mild OHSS from the IVF drugs. If you had any OHSS at all (even if you didn't know it but your ovaries were just a bit bigger) it can sometimes affect liver function and take a while to go back to normal.

    Hopefully that's all your situation is, but I will be keeping you and your baby in my thoughts!

  7. I think having a high liver is a part of a lot of pregnancies. Don't stress. I know everything is going to be just fine!!!!

    Glad you are feeling prego!!!! It only get's better: )