Monday, March 15, 2010

To doppler or not to doppler


So this will be the longest that I've gone without an ultrasound or at least a heartbeat doppler reading at my OB's office.  The last one we had was last Tuesday (3/9) and we don't go again until April 5.  That's forever from now.  So, the big question is, do I get a home doppler heartbeat monitor?  While the answer may be an obvious yes, I keep reminding myself that even the doctor has had a tough time finding the HB with their machine and if I can't find it at home, I will flip out and assume the baby is gone.  (I'm so extreme, I know)  Russ says no way.  But the next 3 weeks will be sooo very long without some acknowledgement that he/she is there.  Good thing is that I THINK (maybe) that I'm starting to feel some flutters and that should only increase so there are other things to let me know that all is well.  I'm just not sure what to do and if I do decide to get one, what do I get??  There are some great ones (at least they seem great) that you can rent for like $40 and then send back to the company.  I feel like these ones are better and more expensive (which is why you rent them).  Or we can buy one, but I worry that they won't be as reliable. 

Help please =)


  1. I bought the Sonoline B and I found both babies heartbeats at 10 weeks, 2 days. Don't get me is HARD to hear...but for me...just getting to hear the faint sound has given me some reduction in my anxiety until my next scan.

    You are so close to feeling movement though that I wonder if you should just wait for that. I have heard that after about 13 or 14 weeks when the baby really starts moving it gets harder to find the HB because you are chasing it all over your tummy.

    Maybe you could rent one for one month until you have strong movements?

  2. I have been using one at home since 10 weeks and have always been able to find the heartbeat. It is a little tougher now that the baby moves around so much, but I can still find it with a little patience. You are going to be feeling movement soon though, so you may just want to wait.

  3. I have heard both sides of the story. Some women loved it and others couldn't find the HB and panicked. I think if your going to start to feel movement, then I would just go by the movements And I have to agree with the other girls, if finding the HB gets harder as movement begins, then it just might be a waste of time and money. But you know your own anxiety you will do what you need to, in the end. xoxoxoxox