Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liver update (or not)


Long story short:  They have no clue what's wrong with me, but the baby is great.  Read on for the details.

What a long day yesterday was!!  We go to the doctor and wait 2 hours to be seen!  Ok, so I understand that I was an "emergency visit" (their words, not mine) so they had to squeeze me in, but man it took forever! 

Basically I am showing no signs or symptoms of anything serious.  The doctor isn't so much worried about my liver...he's more perplexed.  He kept asking if I'd been to a third world country recently.  That tends to be a question one only needs to be asked once.  I mean you would remember if you'd been in a foreign country recently, right?  But he kept asking...He asked if I ate any strange street vendor food.  Nope (but, mmm, sounds good, what do you have in mind?)  He asked if any kids at my school had hepatitis.  Nope.  They don't let kids in school without records of immunization against it.  He kept asking if I'd been sick?  Vomiting?  Fever?  No, no, no.  Pain?  No.  My blood pressure was normal and everything looked good - including that baby of ours! 

So they sent us for an ultrasound of my liver and gal bladder.  Oh, wait, did they mention that you have to fast for 8 hours before having it done?  Yeah.  So after spending 3 hours in the office, I am told that I can't eat or drink (not even WATER) for another 5 hours.  Really?  Do they not know me and my hunger levels?  Especially in mid-afternoon?  When I haven't had any lunch?  Ugh...  Turned out to not be a real biggie though and I learned that I will not die if I don't eat for a little while.  Lesson learned.

The ultrasound looked good...exact quote was "no tumors and anything scary".  I appreciated this comment because liver cancer was all up in my brain.  She took pictures of EVERYTHING inside me.  I met my aorta, my pancreas, my liver, my gal bladder, my kidneys, and we even said a "what's up?" to our little peanut in my belly.  She agreed that there was no obvious penis and the baby was in a great position to look.  So my current theory is that we have a girl or an unfortunate boy who will hopefully have inherited Russ's charm cause he's gonna need it.  (sorry, baby boy, that's in poor taste...I'm sure that you'll be just fine)

In order to ultrasound one's internal organs, do you have any idea of how hard they have to press?  Holy crap, I thought I would break a rib.  Seriously.  I am so sore today, I feel I've been beaten and I'm sure the worst is yet to come.  It was beyond painful.  Who knew?

So I'm relieved that the doctor was so not-concerned about the baby.  He practically said "The baby?  Oh, you don't have to worry about the baby...we just need to figure out what's happening with you"  In other words, I might be dying, but the baby is just fine.  (I realize it doesn't work that way, but the idea gives me comfort nonetheless)  I have my regular OB appt Tuesday where they will continue to work on this.  The new blood work will be back as well as the u/s report. 

In other news, have I mentioned that I'm over 14 weeks now?  That's like a real pregnant lady.  That's me.  And even though my regular fat belly is covering up my baby belly, i can truly start to feel it especially when I laying down in bed.  Yay!


  1. Or perhaps you have a baby boy but the doctor has just confused his leg with his baby weenis. Either way, it sounds like your baby is doing just fine!

    Glad to hear it was uneventful. So weird that they can't figure out what is going on. Did they repeat the blood test to see if maybe it was a fluke??

  2. That is so strange that they cannot find what is wrong. Good news that baby is doing really well. And it is also good that you feel fine. Maybe the blood test was switched with some other patients. Hope they figure it out soon.

  3. can you got to acupuncture? I bet they can straighten out your liver in no time. Check out my blg today, coincidentally I found out the causes for imbalanced hormones and both weak liver and thyroid are on the list. I wonder if your weak liver and thyroid issues are tied in together? I would recommend and endocronologist or acupuncturist if your primary doctor can't figure it out. Glad to hear the baby is doing fine, now we just need to hear your fine too missy. Keep us posted. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I'm glad to hear that things are looking good so far. Always a relief to know that the baby is fine!

  5. Im so glad to hear things are ok Tracey,,, you medical mystery you,.

  6. What a strange situation to be in -- especially since they keep looking at you funny like, "are you SURE you feel fine?" I am glad that so far everything looks good and especially that your little one (GIRL?!?!?!) is doing just fine. Hang in there ...

  7. What a mystery and how frustrating. I guess if you feel well that's the most important. SO GLAD Baby "Girl" Johnson is doing well!!!