Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too many pokes


Who here has had more blood draws than me? 

It's not really a contest, but I'm just trying to illustrate the fact that I've had a crap-load of blood draws over the past couple years.  Let's see, there was the initial IF screening where they took no less than 16 viles of blood, my surgery, my 5 IVFs, my chemical pregnancy, a real pregnancy, and now crazy complications requiring more blood.  All I'm saying is that it's been many, many blood draws. 

So then why did it take the girl 3 different tries to get a drop from me yesterday???

She was a lovely girl, very kind smile.  She shared that she was about to start her 7th IVF, so we bonded instantly.  Too bad she couldn't find my veins with a map.  First a poke in my right arm and then all that lovely digging - you know how the needle is in there and then they dig around beneath the skin trying to find the vein?  No luck.  Let's try the other arm.  Same thing.  Great.  She claimed that she was in the vein but no blood was coming out.  Really?  Cause I thought I could feel my heart beating and I'm pretty sure I was alive at the time.  It's scary that no blood was coming out of me.  Finally she drew from my hand where I have super mama veins sticking out - my 4 year old nephew could have gotten the job done.  It didn't really hurt and I enjoyed talking with the girl.  I just don't get how after the zillion successful blood draws I've had, why she would struggle so much with it.  My theory is she was far too gentle.  The tourniquet wasn't even tight at all and isn't that what forces the blood out?  Who knows....  Incidentally the blood was for the 2nd part of the NT screening, full results in a week.

I went to my first prenatal yoga class yesterday.  I was excited to find a place close by and Russ and I even planned out that in the future he and I would walk up there together and then he could run while I'm in class.  The allow you to attend the first class free before committing to buy anything.  Thank goodness. 

Perhaps I'm naive, but that lady worked our asses out!  I'm sore today and can barely go and down stairs.  It was by far the most active I've been since before embryo transfer.  I know that real yoga can be tough.  In the past I've done Dahn yoga which is all about stretching and breathing and brain wave vibration.  There's a huge meditative piece to it and you leave feeling renewed. 

I left yesterday feeling nauseous.  Why?  Because downward facing dog and I are not friends.  And we must have spent a good 40% of the class in the position.  Being upside down does one thing: makes me dizzy.  Dizziness turns rapidly into nausea.  It took almost an hour of me sitting perfectly still to make it go away...I was miserable.

And so I'm disappointed.  I really wanted to love it.  Maybe I'll try another place.


  1. Ehh....doesn't sound like that prenatal yoga class is very prenatal friendly!

    Hope the nausea went away quickly!!! I just started going back to the gym too...feels weird doesn't it!

  2. I'm glad you posted about the prenatal yoga because I had been considering it. That doesn't sound like any fun at all though!

  3. I bought a prenatal yoga DVD and love it...and it's less expensive than the classes. Sorry yours was so "nauseating"!

  4. Oh No!! What an awful first prenatal yoga class!!! I go twice a week and LOVE my class....and no, we do NOT spend that much time in downward dog. I wish you lived near me and I would take to you my class. Hope you find a better one cause it can really make you feel great if the instructer is good. Keep us posted!! XOX

  5. Cilla-
    It's so funny you say that! One girl walked into class yesterday and for a moment, i swore it was you and I was SO EXCITED!!!! Then it ocurred to me that not only do you not live anywhere near me, but I'VE NEVER MET YOU and wouldn't recognize you in public most likely. So funny!!!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm new to yours and just added you to my RSS feed. Looking forward to catching up on your story. Congrats on 16w!!!

  7. You definitely win on blood draws -- sorry it took so long to get this one. Also, I am sorry your class didn't go better. The instructor makes all the difference so I hope you find a good one soon!!