Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can I lose 50 poounds in 5 weeks???

So I have approximately 5 weeks before they'll transfer any embryos/blastocysts to me (assuming all goes well). So in an attempt to get healthy before the triplets come =) I joined weight watchers. No one knows this, so hush hush please. I hate being scrutinized every time I eat when people know you're doing WW. Plus my beloved boss is on WW and I really don't need to bond with her like that. So the big question is, can I lose 50 pounds in 5 weeks???

That would be a no. But maybe 10 or 15?

Anyway, it is confirmed that I currently weigh more that I ever have in my life. When we asked Dr. Browne what we can do to help our chances, she said absolutely nothing about my weight and commented that we're both very healthy. I wanted to ask her if she'd looked at me lately (as she was sitting across from me at her table) because clearly I am not at a healthy weight. And, let's be frank, this woman has seen me naked and knows the real deal (not just from regular visits, but from my surgery when she had to make incisions into my fat belly - she knows all the details that lie under there). Anyway, she didn't suggest losing weight and while I would love to think that means I'm healthy, I know that can't be true. Losing weight HAS TO help this process. Plus with triplets coming =) I'll blow up bigger than anyone can imagine so the less I weigh before the better. I'm a dumb ass though for waiting so long. I should have started a month ago. I use IVF as an excuse. I figure if I'm going to get big and fat anyway when i get pregnant, what's the point of losing weight now. It's a ridiculous reasoning method that I use. Anything to allow the bad eating to continue.

I realize why I am FAT (I know that's a harsh word that overweight people don't like to use, but we need to get real here - no sugar coating the truth. Mmm....sugar...). Here are the main culprits:

1. I eat SIGNIFICANTLY more than normal people do. Considering how much I consume (or am capable of consuming) it is a wonder that I'm not 500 pounds. Seriously. I go out to dinner and see what normal people eat and I realize that I am not normal. At WW they talk about never being super full, just "satisfied". I usually eat until I feel sick. But then sometimes I eat my friends under the table and don't even feel that full. My capacity is HUGE.

2. I love food. I know everyone does, but seriously not as much as me. Is there "emotionally eating"? Sure. No doubt. I eat every emotion I have. Anger, sadness, loneliness are the obvious ones, but I also eat when I'm super happy and content. Everything revolves around food. People say that over eaters don't eat because of the food, they eat because they are filling a need that's unmet otherwise. While this might be true sometimes (though seriously I've been searching for my reasons and can't find them considering this has been a life long thing with me) I know that if someone told me I was going to die tomorrow, one of my main regrets would be that I didn't eat more donuts. Seriously. I'd be pissed that I ever ate well. It's all about the food.

Now I know I could go deeper into the whole psychological aspect of the eating thing. I'm choosing to stay right up here on surface, OK? If Dr. Phil ever wants to come over and figure this out, he's welcome to anytime. Oprah would say that I'll never be successful until I face the "demons" causing me to eat. Whatever. She's faced those demons a million times and can't get it right either. Girlfriend likes to eat. So do I.

So now I'm counting points. Fun. Wow. I'm pissed off about it but hopefully will get into it as I find my clothes start to fit me. Oh, did I not mention that part? Yeah, I have no pants that fit me. That's a problem. I mean I can get them on but the comfort level is not one that I'm willing to deal with. The other day I was confident that I was going to split my trouser jeans. I couldn't even lift my leg to get up the stairs. Weirdly they didn't look obscenely tight (I asked some reliable people) but they were. Plus I had my period. Good combo there.

OK, time for my yogurt. Wish me luck...

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