Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes one just gets carried away...

Monday was an ambitious day.  Back to work, yoga right after school and then my new Zumba class at night.  Why 2 exercise classes on one day?  Mostly because by the time I get home from yoga at 5:45 or so, I'm all wired and energized so another class is perfect especially since I'm all dressed already.  Plus if I had signed up for a different day, by the time 7pm came around I would be too pooped out to go.  I usually get home before 4 and am dead to the world.  By 7 pm I'm in my jammies (who are we kidding?  by 5 pm I'm in my jammies) and it's off to bed by 8:30 or 9.  But not last night!  Man that Zumba is a fast-paced-shake-your-booty-a-thon!  It was super super fun and kicked my butt, but in a good way.  Only issue is that my left ankle started acting up.  It's been bothering me for a few months.  I'm usually fine so long as I'm wearing flip flops or something, but when I put on sneakers it's so painful!  Right at my achilles (sp?) tendon.  And yesterday i pretty much destroyed it.  I got to the point where I couldn't even stand on it comfortably.  That sucks.  And the BEST part?  I slept over 9 hours last night without major interruption!!!  That has been unheard of for the past 4 months.  Whoopee!  It's a happy day.  (aside from the fact that I'm about to go to the doctor for some cooch issues that will remain nameless at this juncture)  Long day ahead of me with Back to School night tonight.  Not a big deal though...

So my friend finds out on Thursday.  Lots and lots of baby baby baby prayers out to her.  Can I mention here that girlfriend OD-ed on progesterone?  Who knew one could?  Sometimes one just gets carried away when sticking things up their cooch I suppose.  :-)

My cycle should start next week.  Is it me or does it feel like it's been months of waiting?  Man!  I just want to get it done.

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