Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what I would really like is a diet Sprite

So when the psychics said that I need to "stop trying so hard" to get pregnant (see previous blog entry), what did they mean?  As someone who can't concieve naturally (have I mentioned that my tubes are busted??  IVF is the only option) I have to try hard.  Nature ain't cuttin' it.  So, my theory had been that maybe they meant I should stop being so crazy careful about everything.  I usually make this iced tea with anti-oxidant boosting, caffeine-free tea with agave syrup instead of sugar.  This makes me feel that I'm being healthy.  So sure one day I came to the horrifying realization that the tea that I thought was caffeine-free actually was caffeine-FULL.  Great.  So then you go through all the madness about whether or not that was the one factor that made the difference between the positive and negative HCG test.  I know it's crazy.  And I'm not still obsessing.  Really I'm not, I promise.  BUT, what I would really like is a diet Sprite.  A little artificial sweetener?  Can that hurt 2 weeks before I even begin my cycle?  Can't possibly, right?  I think the psychics would want that.  Now, THAT'S what I call relaxing...

I don't mean to keep beating this dead horse, but how can spellcheck just disappear???  It was there and now it's not.  Where did it go?  I really really like spellcheck.  It allows me to be careless when writing.  Careless = interesting, creative, dare I say entertaining?  Worrying about spelling is stifling me.  I want it back.  ASAP.

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