Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So did I mention the fabulous husband?

Holy crap, my meds came today.  It seems there is enough for 2 or 3 cycles!  So much.  I think they just ordered me a ton in case we had to do it again or something.  So now I have all the many, many boxes sitting on my table.  The familiar sharps container is back waiting for the dozens of needles I'll have to dispose of.  Of course the cycle won't even start for another 2, almost 3 weeks!  I'm all exciting but the waiting continues...  This better be it. 

Shall I go over the meds we're using this time?  (a bore for those non-IVFers out there, so sorry, you can skip this paragraph)  (like there are any actual IVFers reading this anyway)  OK, I have 5 boxes of Gonal-F 1050 multi-dose, 6 boxes of Menopur 75, 5 Ganirelix pre-filled, one HCG, Estrace, 103 Endometrin inserts.  Whoa.  That's a lot.  Not to mention the boxes I have left over from last time.  I hope this is a sign.  Maybe I have waaaaay too much medication that I'll get to donate when it's all done because, of course, I'll have the triplets already to go!  Please, please, please?

OK, so my fabulous friend Tammi goes in tomorrow for her IUI.  Big prayers of CONCEIVE! CONCEIVE! CONCEIVE!  go out to her and her eggs (and his swimmers) tomorrow.  She's so brave (and I'm not just saying this because she's one of the few who may be reading this).  Seriously, she'll go tomorrow like it's nothing, get all spermed up and then come back to work!!!  Not me.  I'd have to take the day just to focus on it all and get my head straight.  This is it for baby baby.

So did I mention the fabulous husband?  He calls me today and says "Do you have 2 seconds?"  Of course I do for him I say.  He tells me that he saw the husband of a disabled woman today at our place.  We're not sure what's wrong with her but it appears she has some sort of degenerative disease.  She has trouble walking and it seems to be deteriorating.  So Russ says that if we never have a baby, we'll be just fine because all he needs is me and if it's just us for the rest of our lives he'll be as happy as can be (that rhyms, but when he said it I don't think he used those exact words).  He said that there are way worse things than this whole infertility thing so we'll be just fine.  So of course I sobbed.  Love him.

I keep meaning to write about school starting and all that stuff but then other stuff comes up and I don't have time...maybe another day.  For now, it's time to get ready for tomorrow.  OH!  And weight watchers!  I'm
counting points like a crazy girl...more about that another day too...

Can't freakin find the spell check on here...what happened to it?  Sorry for the misspellings...

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  1. I swear to God I left a post the other night...must not have hit send! got a good one with that there Russ. (even though he laughed til he cried at me falling...)