Thursday, September 17, 2009

No! I'm infertile, remember?

So what comes in the mail today?  A summary of our blastocysts that we filled out on the day of the transfer back in APRIL!!!  (cycle 2)  Why on earth would they need to send that to me now?  Oh!  Thanks for reminding me that we had 12 blastopcysts and NONE of them worked out...thanks a lot!  I really needed to remember that. 

OK, so there's this lady at work who i almost never come into contact with.  Literally in 8 years I've had maybe 4 conversations with her.  The last time I saw her was about one year ago.  This woman that I barely know asks me then, "When are you going to have kids?"  While for most this is an innocent, albeit intrusive, question, for me it creates a great deal of anxiety.  Depending on the day, I could respond with a pleasant "Oh, we're trying, you know how it is!"  On a different day I might just shrug my shoulders and smile.  On that particular day with this lady I said "Well we're having infertility issues, so...yeah, I just had a failed IVF cycle...but we're going to do it again!"  TMI!!  Why did I have to just let it all flow out?  Awkward.  So she was cool with it and gave me the old "It'll happen" response.  So I see this lady today...again I haven't seen her in a year.  We're talking about the school year starting...small talk stuff.  Then she says "Do you have children of your own?"  (at schools we often speak of "our kids" meaning our students so this phrasing wasn't at all odd)  I give it the old "No...not yet"  (um...obviously you do not remember our previous conversation dumb ass).  Then she says "But you've been married for a long time, right?  How long has it been?" I'm thinking JESUS CHRIST LADY!  WHY ARE YOU SO GOD DAMN NOSY?  Really.  What is her point?  Since we've been together so long and haven't had kids that maybe there's a problem?  BINGO!  She's right.  I wish I had thought to say "No!  I'm infertile, remember?"  Ugh.

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  1. Oh my god!!! Some people are so dense!!! U have to tell me who it was!