Monday, September 28, 2009

Cycle 4: Day 1

And we're off...
Cycle 4 officially began today with my first visit to Shady Grove.  My period came all early on Saturday so this is starting about 4 days earlier than expected and that is OK with me.  I went in today for bloodwork and an ultrasound.  She said that I have tiny follicles developing in both ovaries.  Yay!  I'll go back Thursday for another look and to check my levels through another blood test.

Shots start tonight.  I'm weirdly not anxious about it.  We'll see how I do later tonight.  My new technique is that I ice my belly for 5-10 minuets before the shots (2 PM - Gonal-F and Menapur- and 1 AM - more Gonal-F).  It really helps me not feel a thing.  Without the ice I barely feel a thing but the ice makes me feel more secure about it not hurting.  Poor Russ has to get up every morning and shoot me up =(  Not that he doesn't eventually have to get up anyway, but 6 AM is a little early for him.  I could learn to do it myself but that just isn't happening.

When I checked out at Shady Grove, they had me sign this form saying that I understand that insurance has not approved the cycle yet.  They acted like it was just routine and I shouldn't worry about it so I'm not worrying toooo much, but I am a little worried.  How much will it just suck if we can't do this cycle?  Plus I have all those meds just waiting to get injected into me...

OK, finally, I just have to share.  I mean after that last post, did you think I'd get all shy suddenly?  I bled straight through my jeans yesterday. It was bad.  This is one of my heaviest periods ever.  Ick.  So I just causally go to the bathroom and discover a murder scene in my jeans!  It was scary.  Why does it happen like that?  You'd think a girl would know such a thing.  So now I'm all scared that it'll happen again.  While I'm on this topic, can I just give a shout out to the poor tech who had to do my ultrasound this morning?  I made sure I told her that I was having one of my heaviest periods ever so she'd be prepared for the madness.  Sure enough she pulled that bad boy out and it looked like a murder weapon.  Why am I embarassed by this?  It's a normal function and THEY told ME to come on day 3 of my period, so they asked for it!  But that poor girl.  Trying to play it off like it was nothing.  She grabbed no fewer than a dozen tissues and had to wipe it all off, grabbing that condom thing that goes over the device and peeling it off and aiming it for the trash can, praying that it lands in the right spot so she doesn't have to pick it up and then clean the floor.  How she didn't get bloody is beyond me.  Very skilled woman.

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