Monday, January 4, 2010

Beta #3

3524 at 5w4d pregnant...


What's really weird is that my level on Thursday was 881 and 3524 is exactly four times that.  Very precise, huh?  Of course I wanted the number to far exceed the doubling, but I have to be happy with what I've got.  I don't always have to be an overachiever, right??

First ultrasound is next Monday 1/11.  A whole week away.  Feels like forever.  Is there one or two in there??  I'm guessing one, but you never know...

The pink spotting completely stopped and my nurse told me that it's a very normal side effect of the endometrin.

So, all is good in the world of Johnson...

I need to be full of joy and I basically am.  But then, just as I'm getting all happy, I read something that brings me back to the reality that terrible things can go wrong.  I need to stop googling!!!  I should block it so that I can't have access to it.  (I learned that you can have levels over 3000 and still have no fetus - it wasn't necessary for me to learn that!  Ugh)

The reason I was even googling anything is because I feel like while our numbers are strong, they should be higher considering that I'm now 25dp5dt.  It's still right where it should be, but I'd like powerhouse numbers just to make me feel better.  I wish I had another beta.  I know - stop worrying, right?  I'll try...


  1. Can't wait to hear what you see on Monday. You're right- it sounds so far away! And stop Googling (or reading the What to Expect books) b/c I know from experience how much anxiety those brought on, esp. during bedrest! Prayers will continue- probably til the child is a teenager!

  2. Your numbers are FANTASTIC! Bask in it a while - enjoy it. Everything is perfect so far and great right now. Don't steal that away from yourself with evil google!!I know the feeling though, I am the google whore. All day eveyday sometimes. Typing the same phrase 6 different ways. It's sad really, funny, sad, crazy, all in one sweet package. But at the end of the day, what's meant to happen will regardless of what all those statistics, websites, people and doctors say. But ot looks like all the numbers are in your in favor!! Looking forward to Monday!!

  3. Your numbers are wonderful! Don't worry. If you had powerhouse numbers like mine you'd be having wayyy too many babies ;)

    So glad to hear the pink spotting stopped, too!

  4. I think after years of IF we have all become professional worriers! Your numbers are great! Can I put my guess in for twins! That is what I think you are having. Yes, I agree, we should be able to block google. There is WAY too much bad info out there. Stay sane until next week.

  5. FANTASTIC!!! SO SO SO Happy for you, Tracey!!! I know what you mean about the fear and the damn googling...I was (am) a totally addict. But then one day recently it occured to me that I didn't want to look back on my pregnancy (since it might be my only) and realize that I was living in fear the whole time. I want to be able to look back a remember it with fondness and so I'm determined to allow myself to be "normal" and not and "IFer." I want to find the innocence again before I knew all the scary stuff....I'm really trying. I hope you can relax soon. Trust me, seeing the first u/s and HB REALLY HELPS!!! Also you might trying going to as I found it rather conforting during my week of beta anxiety.

    Hang in there, Girl!!! I hope you will start enjoying this soon!!! Try not to be affriad....I now how hard it is, but you've EARNED THIS so don't let the fear ruin it for you!!!! xx