Thursday, January 7, 2010

Much Better!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me feel more secure yesterday!!  It was a little freak out moment, but I am better now.  Do I feel pregnant yet?  Not so sure, but at least I'm realizing that it might be normal to feel that way.  Monday's ultrasound is still so far away!

I was woken up again last night by cramping and the need to use the bathroom.  It lasted about 15 minutes and then I was completely fine.  It's so weird, but I'm glad it's consistent.  And, again, I wouldn't describe it as real pain - more like a radiating ache everywhere, accompanied by severe nausea, and chills.  It's one of those moments where I feel like if only I could throw up, maybe I would feel better.  This has been happening since before my first beta and like I said it is exactly like how I used to get my period back when i was a teenager.  I'll ask my doctor about it Monday when I see her.

I'm also going to ask about exercise.  I know it's good to do, but I want specifics.  In the fall, I took a yoga class and a Zumba class.  Zumba is like Latin aerobics - very high energy, though not high impact.  The problem is that they're both on the same day and I'm thinking that might be too much.  I also have a gym in my building so getting exercise isn't a problem (so long as I actually get up and DO IT =).

I never read about anyone discussing this, but I'm putting it out there:  sex.  I'm waaayyy to scared to have it.  Everything I've read says it's totally fine.  Dr. Oz even said it's good to do, but be sure to prepare for bright red bleeding after!  No thanks.  So I need my doctor to specifically tell me what's ok...

And I've decided that the lack of bloat that I feel (which I thought was baby related) was actually eating-everything-I-want-for-2 weeks related.  Now that I've been eating well, my pants fit and I feel so much better, but that might be why I felt less pregnant.  But it wasn't a baby - it was chicken parmigiana and chocolate cake (and cookies and chicken finger subs) (and french fries and Chinese food) (and pasta and bread and butter!). was a fun few weeks.


  1. So happy to hear your feeling better today.....moments will come and go, just be prepared to feel this way again. LOL.

    Have a lovely day preggo!!!

  2. My DH and I were really scared to have sex too after ALL that we have been through to get here. Our doctor had us on "prescribed abstinence" from trigger night all the way until after our first u/s...about 6 weeks! (I'm sure your doc has you doing something similar.) So when we were given the green light to get busy again at first we were very happy. Then when we were home and it was something we were actually considering we were like, "ahhh! this seems like a bad thing to do!!" We were freaked out for a couple days so we stayed away from the BDing. Eventually we just went for it. I was scared the whole time so you can imagine how enjoyable it! Eventually I got used to it and now it's really very normal again. Actually its really nice! Its he first time in almost 3 years that we can have sex and not think about trying to get pregnant. (Not that we really had a shot it hell without IVF...but we always hoped for a miracle.) Anyways, I hope this hasn't been T.M.I. I just think that if you take it at your own pace (when your doc says ok) and do what you think feels right you'll find that sex can be great again and it definitely wont hurt your baby(ies). Good Luck!! :)

    Glad your spirits are up again!!! Keep smiling cause YOUR PREGNANT!!!! YAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!

  3. I felt really bad for poor DH because I had been holding off on sex post-IVF. I finally went for it after 2 rising betas. We were really careful at first and after the u/s I felt much better because the babies looked fine!! Actually, around 8 weeks my hormones gave me a huge boost in sex drive, so it's been pretty awesome (assuming I am not too nauseous). I would say it's been some of the best sex we've ever had!

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling more secure. I swear IF screws up forever! Will we ever not worry?

    You will be looking at your little one(s) in no time.

  5. While I won't give you any advice on sex while pregnant...I will say that i'm so excited I can't stand it!! I want to see how beautiful these babies are going to be!!!

    I don't know that you would feel pregnant yet - isn't it pretty early? Ehhh...what do I know?!!

    LOVE YA!!!

  6. Ditto what Sonja said-- especially the last part! ;)