Friday, January 29, 2010

Veggies are not my friend


I need to eat vegetables and I just can't!  I try and I try and they won't go down.  I feel like I'm 4 years old.  What does go down easily?  That would be cake and ice cream.  My birthday celebration seems to have lasted 2 weeks and I've had enough cake and ice cream for a lifetime.  But it never makes me sick.  It's my friend.  I made the most amazing pasta dish with whole wheat tortellini and tons of fresh spinach and tomatoes with garlic and I loved it at first .  Then I brought it eat for lunch and I was literally gagging on it.  What is going on with me?  I need to eat good food, but when i try it just won't happen.  Did i try drinking a V-8?  Yes.  UGH. Never again.  My very favorite salad from Aladdin's?  Took two bites and had to give the rest away.  Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell?  No problem.  Is it psychological?  I don't know.  I literally gag and can't swallow anything after a bite or two o certain things.  It happens with yummy, bad-for-me food too (wings from Hooters), but it didn't happen right away so I at least I ate a bit before I had to stop.  I'm not sure what to do.  Rice Krispies have become my best friend too.  I'm sure this stage will pass, but I just feel so unhealthy.  (not literally - I feel great...I just think the little peanut needs more than yogurt, cake, and Rice Krispies)

First appointment with my OB is Thursday and it can't come fast enough.  I think I'm going to have to get a fetal heart monitor to ease my mind because I know the days of an ultrasound every 2 weeks is coming to an end. 

I can't believe I'm 9 weeks already.  Wow.  I wonder when it'll sink in...


  1. I was the exact same way with veggies! It gets better, so don't force it right now :) Just get through the first trimester!

  2. I am still that way at 11 weeks - fruit I'm ok with, but veggies are another story. (except sauteed mushrooms - YUMMY! :) But other healthy things like grilled chicken (blech) or broccoli (ick) sound gross. The food aversions are worse in the evenings for me, which makes dinnertime difficult. Congrats on hitting the 9 week mark!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I am not pregnant (I know you were worried about that) and I don't like the sound of most vegetables. Except green beans - love me some green beans. And rice krispies (the real ones only) were my food of choice while on Ambien for a long period of time. Just thought i'd share! :)

  4. I think veggies are hard for most people, pregnancy aside. I suppose we can eat them without gagging though! Just find something you like and latch on. It may or may not happen, but at least you are trying!!

  5. I am totally hearing you!! I would literally gag at the sight of vegetables from weeks 6 to 10. I didn't even have to eat them to know that they were NOT what I could stomach. What did I eat? Boxes and boxes of CHEERIOS!! haha

    Maybe if you try home-made vegetable soup? Mild and delicate, yet it still has a lot of the good stuff your baby needs. If not, I wouldn't worry about it to much. (Hey think about all the women out there who sustain their entire pregnancies on McDonalds...eww!) I hope you feel better soon!!

    Yay for 9 Weeks!!! :)

  6. Have you tried the V8 Fusion?? My hubby hates veggies too, but he drinks the V8 Fusion. It's no where near as bad as regular v8!

  7. Don't worry- it will get better soon, at least we hope! ;) I'd say eat what you can stomach and you can catch up on all of those foods once you're feeling better in a few weeks.

  8. Google "Juice Plus." My RE highly recommends these to all of his patients (he's not a rep or anything, just a customer). It's not a vitamin -- it's 17 fruits and vegetables in a pill form. It won't supplement eating the real deal, but just might reassure you that you ARE still getting what you need for your little guy.