Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our peanut


Ultrasound number two was fabulous! I cannot believe how much it's grown in just a 9 days! It looks just like a little peanut in the shell. (I have a pic and may post it later when I get to it...I'm not the most technical person with my pics.)  They pointed out the head and it really looks like a baby is in there! The heartbeat is 156 and the size is "great" - didn't ask for details. I think that it's finally starting to sink in. We're having a baby!!!

The sad (albeit exciting) thing is that I had to say goodbye to my doctor! If all continues to go well, i will not have to step foot in a fertility clinic again!  But I LOVE my doctor and she just kept hugging me and was all teared up as we said goodbye.  She gave me great feedback on the OB that we're going to.  She said they're her favorite and that she's very friendly with them all.  What a relief!  See mom?  I knew I picked well =).  It was so weird to leave that place...They gave me some paperwork to bring the OB - just info from this last cycle and the two ultrasounds.

Russ is ecstatic!!!  I'm not sure I've ever seen him look so happy.  I think he's finally allowed himself to accept that this is real too.  He even started asking me about the nursery and said we can go shopping now!  I'm not sure I'm up for all that just yet, but I'm glad he's ready.  While I'm still very aware that we're not completely out of the woods yet, it does feel good to be happy about it all.

Have I mentioned that people have started giving me gifts?  I came back today and found another one on my desk.  First my team gave me a little toy, then a teacher made me this little bonnet - it's the sweetest thing.  It's not be worn, more for decoration (I think - it's so tiny and fragile).  And then one of our psychologists gave me an outfit today.  It feels a bit strange, but it's all so sweet!  So far I've kept everything here in my office.  I feel funny bringing it home just yet.  People are so nice.

So next step is our first appointment with the OB on Feb. 4.  Only 2 weeks away.  I know I'll be dying to have another look at our little peanut by then.  I asked Dr. Browne if they would treat me special or give me more attention because of my history and she said no, I was normal and didn't require it.  Ah!  I love being normal.  I hope i stay normal and healthy.  Maybe tomorrow for my birthday Russ can arrange for me to just sit with a sono machine hooked up to me so that I can just look at our peanut all day.  I wouldn't put it past him to do that...  haha


  1. SO glad everything is going so well!!! I hope you uplaod your u/s pic!! I know we all would LOVE to see it!!

    And, yes, you're right... even though there is a lot to think about with switching docs and planning for the future, it IS SO MUCH FUN!! :)

  2. Where's your peanut picture?? So glad all is going well!

  3. Awwww what a lovely visit! Things are really going great! How cute of your hubby, wanting to go shopping!!! Hope you can get the u/s up - look forward to seeing your peanut!

    And if for some reason I forget tomorrow - Happy Birthday to you, mommy to be!!!

  4. Congrats on another great appointment! I hope this tww goes quickly for you!

  5. Hooray for a wonderful u/s! Post a pic if you get a chance. So happy for you!

  6. That is FANTASTIC news, Trace!!! I'm so so happy for all three of you! I can't wait to see that little peanut picture, too. Do you think you'll want to find out if it is a boy or girl? Or have you even thought that far yet?

    You're having a baby and that is awesome! ;) Oh, and btw... I need a new ob/gyn, so please email me back the name of this great one you've been recommended in seeing. Although, I hope it's not in Arlington b/c that's the only reason I want to switch b/c I am tired of driving that far!

  7. Awesome! Congratulations on "graduating"!!