Wednesday, December 9, 2009

About to explode - again

And we triggered with no problem - who was worried?  =)

Like always, I feel like I am a balloon about to explode.  And I don't even have that many follicles - there were only 9 or so approaching the 20 mm stage, but man!  I can feel the pressure.  We're all set for the retrieval at 9:45 tomorrow.  We arrive in Rockville at 8:15.  I should be in and out, on the way home by 10:45 or so.  I have to say I love the anesthesia they give you.  You go out so fast!  And then it's like magic and you're back in the original room and every time I look at the clock and am amazed that I was only gone for 15 minutes or so.  They are fast!!!  I hope it goes that smoothly tomorrow...

I hate that it's so early morning particularly since Russ has to do his thing that early - you know what I mean.   Out of respect for him, that's all I'll say. 
(I'm such a child - I can't help but giggle as I write that!  And I think I should be a mother?!)

On a different topic, I got my nails done yesterday and would like to publicly inform all nail technicians that if the customer doesn't ask for an eyebrow or lip wax, they aren't interested.  I don't need this chick reminding me that my eyebrows look like crap.  I know!  And if I wanted her to butcher them (again!) I would ask.  At least she didn't ask about the lip, that's even worse.

So by tomorrow at this time we should have some babies growing...Yay!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you were able to trigger. Good luck with the retrieval tomorrow!

    I know what you mean about the nail techs. My sister in law does nails, but she is not like most of them. And believe me when I say they are always talking about you.

  2. Good luck today!! Hoping that all 9 little eggs are mature and ready to grow!