Friday, December 25, 2009

To pee or not to pee


To pee on a stick or not to pee on a stick...that is the question.

I feel very not pregnant. 

Last cycle i would have bet everything that I was.  And I wasn't.

Official beta day is Monday...we may wait til Tuesday.

Do I pee on a stick and get it over with??? 

I've been living in the bliss of possibility and haven't really been obsessing about it at all.  Until now!  I think I'm better off in this place where whatever will be will be.  Testing now will make me crazy until I get that beta...What to do??


  1. Do whatever it is that will make this a merry Christmas. Wait if you think it may ruin the rest of today.

    You have WAY more patience than I do, by the way!


  2. Hey.. I tested on day 7 and it was neg... so I am not testing again... I am on day 9 now.. its so hard isn't it. Still just do what you think is best for you, for me, I decided I didnt want a bunch of negatives that may or may not be real... so have decided to wait for the real thing. Hugs...Em

  3. “Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”

  4. Thinking of you guys today and sending you both positive energy!!
    -Emily A