Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why all the drama?

So we're triggering in a little more than an hour (9:45 PM for a 9:45 AM egg retrieval Thursday).  This involves a 2.5 inch 22 gauge needle in my "upper outer buttocks".  NO BIG DEAL.  So then why do I have such a crazy ritual planned?  Because I'm a big, fat wimp!  I am so scared!  Not only is this my 5th trigger, but for my first 2 cycles I did progesterone in oil which meant 30+ of these same shots.  And I was a trooper!  What is my problem?

At about 9:15, I will prepare the shot.  Super easy - just mixing the HCG powder with the water.  Then I will lay down in bed, lights low, with peaceful meditative music playing while I ice the injection site for at least 15 minutes.  Timing is crucial with this shot, so it I must be ready at exactly 9:45.  Russ will come in and get ready to give it to me and then my heart will pound and I'll take a million deep breaths and will basically feel like I'm on top of a roller coaster hill.  I'll take 3 final breaths and on the 3rd exhale say "OK" indicating that I'm ready for it.  Russ will go in and say "It's in" He'll then pull up the plunger to make sure he didn't hit a vein (he hit one once - holy crap that was a lot of blood!!!) and say "It's all clear" and then he'll inject, ending with "It's out".  It takes maybe 3 seconds and I won't feel a thing.  So why all the drama? 

I'm crazy, that's why.


  1. Sending good vibes and prayers your way! I'm glad you were able to trigger before having to spend all that money on more meds. That's incredible that 1 day costs that much. Geez! Sounds like things are looking good so far. Hope you get some rest tonight and don't have to deal with icy traffic in the AM on the way to Rockville. ;)

  2. Oops-- I read that wrong. You're going on Thursday, not tomorrow. Thanks goodness you won't have to worry about weather then!

  3. WOO HOO...YAY for trigger!! I've never done the big needle in the bum, but I can totally understand why a person could never get used to those....YOU ARE A TROOPER!!! I'll be sending positive thought and prayer you way!!! :)