Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 2 Report

I realize I didn't give a day 1 report yesterday, so I'll start with that.  Of the 11 eggs, 10 were mature and 9 fertilized normally.  They just called today about the day 2 progress and all 9 are still going strong, growing and dividing just as they should.  They've scheduled me for a day 3 transfer tomorrow, but it's scheduled for the afternoon and the nurse warned me that there's a good chance that they'll move me to a day 5 transfer.  This is great news!  It feels more like the first 2 cycles, not that either of them worked or anything but I always felt like they were strong cycles.  If we go with day 3, I'll feel good about transferring the 4.  If we move to day 5, I might be a little more nervous about it. 

For those non-IVFers out there, a day 5 transfer is good news because it means that the embryos have moved to the blastocyst stage where the embryologist can make the best determination about which ones might be the strongest and most robust.  Obviously if they pick the best ones to go back, there are better chances of success.  The news today tells me that all 9 are still in the running, so the tomorrow they may have a tough time determining who the best are, so waiting until day 5 may be warranted.  Another theory suggests that since they're planning to transfer 4, it's easier to determine the top 4 as opposed to the top 2 or 3 as they've done in the past.  Confusing enough?  I know.  Basically, the point is that having all 9 growing strong is a great sign.  It's the best news at this point that we could ask for.  So tomorrow we'll wait and see what they decide.  I know I'm jumping the gun, but I'm feeling hopeful that there might be some to freeze in there too.  Am i asking too much?  Maybe...


  1. Oh Tracey, that's fantastic news!!! I'm so glad to hear your optimism!!! Keep up the positivity girl!!!

    I'll be praying for lots of big healthy blasts on day 5!!!!

  2. I'm totally confused but will they put all of them in at the same time? Or is that why you hope they can freeze them? Sorry, I've never been through this and really don't know much about it.

    I feel a Christmas miracle coming along here....just a feeling....

    Love you - can't wait to see you in two weeks!!!!! :)

  3. Awesome-- that is GREAT news to get to day 5. And having 9 strong ones is amazing! WOW! I'm going to pray some more now. ;)