Saturday, October 10, 2009

15 fertilized, 8 growing strong

So the call came at 11:30 but they called the house phone so I missed it!  Ugh.. I left my cell as the main number and Russ's cell as the back up. I don't get it, but anyway, i got the message at about 12:30.  Now they're saying they got 16 eggs (She says "As you know, there were 16 eggs" and I'm like, no I didn't know...).  Only 15 were mature and all 15 fertilized.  8 of them are at the 2 cell stage and the others can catch up tonight.  Tomorrow's report will be more telling.

So today I start doing the progesterone inserts.  My first cycle we had to the shots every night and they were the big 'ol fat shots that were a huge pain (more figuratively than literally) but now they have the inserts that you stick up your cooch 3 times a day and you're ready to go.  OK, so the panties get a little gross (holy pantyliners!  I go through a few a day) but it's better than the shots.  I also start taking estrogen pills.  All this to ensure that the little guys grow in me.

We're about to leave for the National Shrine where we will light candles.  I'm so touched by every one's good thoughts.  I put that we got 15 eggs on my Facebook status and people I barely talk to wished us well and are sending prayers.  We're really fortunate. 

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