Friday, October 9, 2009

Let the magic happen!

No shots yesterday...unless you count the whopper he game me at 3am.  It was a good day.  To prepare for the egg retrieval today, I had to take antibiotics last night.  And what adds insult to emotional-about-to-burst-ovaries injury?  DIARHEA of course!!!  Yeah, the drugs make me sick.  Happened last time too.  Hopefully it's over by now.  I think I'm dehydrated.

So we'll leave for Rockville (in Maryland about 30-40 minutes away) at 12:30.  That gives me 4 hours.  I can't eat past 9am so instead of writing this, I should be eating...  We'll collect his stuff at 12-ish...that's always very romantic.  Not.  I just hope they get all 10 eggs and maybe find some others that were hiding.  Cycle 1 they told me I had 12 and got 14 out, so I thought that was the norm.  Wrong.  Cycle 2 they told me 12 and we got 12.  Cycle 3 I had 10 and they got 8.  So now I have 10 and am hoping for 45.  Just kidding.  The truth is the ones that will get me pregnant are the big fat ones that pop right up on the ultrasound.  And I only need that one good one.  But two others that look outstanding would be good too. Please? We're hoping for twins.  Is that selfish?  I mean we're praying for any baby, be it one, two, or three.  But if we could script it, it would be twins, a boy and a girl.  Of course I stopped thinking we could script it years ago.

And so we're off (well not NOW, but in a few hours) and I just hope they get what we need.  And then my eggs and his sperm will have an exciting evening ahead of them.  Let the magic happen!

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